The case of leaving the revival of Gorgan Bay on the OTP / “pilgrimage” victim of neglect of tourism capacity

Detectives / Golestan The chief judge of Golestan said, “One of the partial cases in which the Golestan Central Court was excluded from the director’s actions is the case of revival of Gorgon Bay and the cases related to Ashuradeh Island.”

Haider Asabi in an interview with Golestan reporters on Thursday evening, July 23, referring to the judicial procedures to deal with the illegal construction of the Gorgon shrine: 10 laws for the protection of farmland and gardens in the field of land affairs from July to the end of June 30 this year, in the past, the Implementation of 29 hectares and 298 hectares in 68 cases of final judgments, equivalent to one and a half hectares.

He said that we did what was said in the use and management of Ziarat village: “The illegal construction in the village did not reach zero with the measures taken at the beginning of the entrance to Ziarat village and the erection of the barrier.”

The Chief Justice of Golestan District stated that the purpose of this judicial action is to fight crimes in the area of ​​land use and affairs.

Asabi confirmed that I visited the shrine for 6 hours with the attorney general and the director in charge of land affairs at the Golestan Center. Especially in the field of tourism.

He said that so far, two meetings have been held with the Golestan Prosecutor’s Office to remove obstacles to tourism in Ziarat village to promote tourism investment, and said: Hajj has great potential in the field of tourism as well as in the field of tourism. . Crafts, ecotourism, and the like.

Referring to the recent actions taken in Gorgon Bay, Golestan Provincial High Court Chief Justice said: “Before the President’s visit, there was no credibility for the Gorgon Bay revival plan in the travel approvals.”

“Rehabilitating Wolf Bay is not an easy task and requires dredging and reopening the canals,” said Asabi.

He stressed that the government has decided to revive Wolf Bay as we follow the judicial revival of this bay: One of the remaining cases in the Golestan Central Court in relation to the revival issue are the issues relating to Wolfe Bay and Ashuradeh Island. .
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