Developing and facilitating services to people is the inherent mission of a social security organisation

The CEO of the Social Security Corporation considered this organization to be one of the most important and largest service organizations in the country, covering more than half of the country’s population, and referred to the development of services, especially the development of capacities to provide medical services. Services, as one of the main priorities of this organization.

According to my informant, Mirhachem Mousavi And as a continuation of his thirty-ninth regional trip at noon today (July 1) after visiting the project under construction for the Mehrez Social Security Clinic, he met with Mehran Fatemi – the governor of Yazd – and congratulated him on the arrival of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah. Special support and companionship from the people’s government. The 13th and Revolutionary Parliament declared with the Social Security Organization as the most important and largest social insurance institution in the country, covering more than 45 million people from different walks of life, and it is one of the most important service providers in the country with many audiences and beneficiaries and diversified services is the Social Security Organization, whose field of activity and mission of this organization is at the national level.

And the head of the Social Security Authority continued: Regional trips are conducted with the aim of field supervision of the correct and accurate implementation of missions and identification of potential challenges and restrictions in different regions of the country. Many requests are raised during these trips, and we welcome these requests with open arms and we hope that we will be able to take effective steps to solve the problems of people, especially the insured, retired and retirees of the Social Security Corporation.

He stressed that the method and approach of the 13th People’s Government is direct and indirect presence in the field to closely discuss issues and problems, and said: Over the past year and a half, the 13th People’s Government has achieved unprecedented performance in debt repayment. requirements of the Social Security Organization. It, by paying about 180 thousand billion tomans from the demands of this organization, provided the basis for the settlement of 106 billion tomans of the debts of the Social Security Institution with the banking system and the development of services.

Mousavi stressed that despite some obstacles and problems, the Social Security Organization has a transformational plan to develop the service, and Mousavi said: “In the new period, as we progress, the situation of this organization will improve, and after that, the process of this organization will be exponential.” Last year, the total monthly payments to the Social Security Corporation, mainly linked to the retirement pension, amounted to about 38 thousand billion tomans, and despite the problems of providing resources, thank God, all payments were made on time, while when we accepted the responsibility of this organization, some said that the team This administration cannot even pay one month’s salary to retirees.This year, in the first quarter of the year, we were able to pay 40 thousand billion tomans every month without borrowing a single riyal from the government, and achieved success in the spirit of jihad and provided the means to solve people’s problems.

He added: In the field of treatment, since the beginning of the new period, we have put the development of direct and indirect therapeutic capabilities and financial protection for the insured on the agenda. Last year, we allocated more than 9,000 billion tomans for development in the field of treatment, especially direct treatment, and in the new year, we took into account 11.5 billion tomans for the civil development sector and the provision of treatment equipment and infrastructure. We hope that with the continued support of the thirteenth government and the support of the revolutionary parliament, we will be able to take more effective steps this year in the field of developing the ability to provide medical services to the insured and our beloved retirees, especially in the less fortunate regions.

The CEO of the Social Security Corporation showed special interest in the issues of retirees and retirees as a first priority for this organization, and he said: In addition to paying all obligations in a timely manner and progressing towards developing medical services for their retired loved ones, the organization’s contribution to bearing the cost of supplementary insurance for this dear category, and we have raised it to 50 %, We also restarted the Karmat Razavi plan for free travel of retirees to Mashhad, which was closed during the Corona virus. .

The CEO of the Social Security Corporation pointed out that despite the challenges and problems facing us in the country, there is no crisis, he said: With the events that occurred in the 13th People’s Government, managers hope to provide services in social security. The number of projects has increased, so that there are currently about 10 projects in the province of Yazd, and the Social Security Organization Bogor Omrani is following up, so that each of these projects could be the beginning of a major change in the provision of services in the field of treatment. One of these projects is the newly constructed building of the Mehriz Social Security Clinic in Yazd Province, which we hope will be operational during the government week this year.

According to the social security institution’s public relations report, he stated at the end: One of the measures that we expected in order to develop services this year is to try to recruit more specialist doctors in social security treatment centers, so that every specialist doctor supported by the provincial authorities will be from the University of Science if a doctor is appointed Province for the Social Security treatment department, we will hire him. This decision is in line with the development of serving people and facilitating the provision of services that the Social Security Corporation considers its inherent duty; What security and peace can be achieved for people through appropriate services.

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