An amnesty for insurance crimes for employers from the beginning of June for a period of three months / announcing the percentage of exemption discounts

The CEO of the Social Security Corporation announced the implementation of the amnesty plan for employers’ insurance crimes in order to support employers in active production, industrial, mining and service workshops, and trade unions in the year of curbing inflation and production growth.

According to the informants, Mirhashim Mousavi said in this regard: In light of the Supreme Leader’s designation of this year as the year of curbing inflation and production growth by the Supreme Leader, and to help employers in manufacturing, industrial, mining, service and commercial units. Enhancing the country’s production capacity, the insurance crime exemption scheme for employers will be implemented from the beginning of June to the end of August this year, and the circular on this exemption will be issued and notified to the executive units in this organization. within the next few days.

The CEO of the Social Security Corporation added: Employers applying for exemption from insurance crimes can pay the principal of the insurance debt in cash or choose the method of payment in installments in agreement with the branches of this institution. If the number of monthly installments is chosen for a period of 12 months to pay the principal of the insurance debt, the business owner will enjoy 100% exemption from fines; If he pays the installments of his debt within 18 months, he benefits from an amnesty for crimes of 85%, and if he chooses the number of installments within 24 or 36 months, he benefits from a forgiveness of 75% and 50%, respectively. Of course, our recommendation is that employers who, for any reason, have outstanding insurance debts that are subject to insurance penalties, take advantage of this opportunity by opting for 12 months’ premiums and 100% forgiveness of penalties.

Mousavi stressed that the opportunity to use this facility is from the beginning of June until the end of August of this year. Mousavi said about the conditions for employers to use this facility: according to the government’s 13th strategic plan in the field of improving employment. Conditions, this plan focuses on preserving existing employment. Workshops will be carried out and Employers will be subject to the use of this facility for a period of at least one year from the time of payment of the debt, in connection with maintaining or increasing the employment of human resources for the workshop based on the list of March 1401 and the dispatch of the list and payment of the full insurance premium of the workshop personnel in the Take the institute period. Also, the workshops in which the number of insured workers decreased based on the list of March 1401, after the return or replacement of the modified workforce at the time of submitting the application and the commitment to labor maintenance during the installment period, will enjoy amnesty for crimes.

He added: Employers applying for this facility must register their applications through the social security institution’s offline service system at the address no later than August 31. do not delay.

Mousavi added: Employers should be aware that after agreeing with the branches of the Social Security Corporation regarding the payment of insurance debt premiums, if the debt premiums are not paid on their due date; The debt became present and the offenses related to it would not be claimed on the balance of the debt and could not be divided again. Therefore, we recommend employers to choose the number of installments according to their financial conditions so that they can pay all debt installments on time.

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