Balanced distribution of population in the country depends on equitable distribution of services / efforts of the Ministry of Interior for employment in rural areas

Referring to the Metropolitan Syndrome, the Deputy Minister of Urban Development and Urban and Rural Development said: “Unfortunately, due to the unfair distribution of services and utilities, we have an unbalanced population distribution in the country.”

According to the informants, “The problems we are seeing now are traffic, air pollution, chaos in our cities and megacities, and everything in urban development is developing in rural areas,” Jamali-Nejad said at the rural and nomadic insurance meeting. finance ..

The head of the Municipalities and Villages Organization in the country added: “One of our problems in the field of urban management and an example in which we have not yet achieved sustainable development and real progress in the country, is the capital.” the disease. “Because of the unfair distribution of services and utilities, unfortunately, we have an uneven distribution of the population in the country.

Jamali Nejad noted that one of the problems mentioned was population growth, noting that “the population growth is inevitable.”

In another part of his speech, he said: “If we have an increase in population, but all this population is present in the hubs of Tehran, provinces and cities, villages and small towns are uninhabitable, then this population cannot be inhabited.” Indeed.

Jamali Nejad added: “For this reason, the equitable distribution of services and facilities determines the balanced distribution of the population, and the survival of villagers and nomads in the areas where they are located can bring real progress.”

In another part of his speech, he said: “All the policies of the Ministry of Interior and the Organization of Municipalities and Rural Affairs go in this direction so that we can transfer the issues of facilities, services and employment to the heart of villages and villages.” Small Cities.” They occur in a balanced manner across the country.

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