The death toll from yesterday’s earthquake in Malatya, Turkey, has risen

The number of people injured in the 5.5-magnitude earthquake yesterday (Monday, February 27) in the Turkish province of Malatya has risen to 110.

According to what was reported by the Daily Sabah newspaper, Yunus Sezer, head of the Turkish Center for Facing Unexpected Events (AFAD), stated in his initial statement yesterday after the earthquake that a citizen lost his life as a result of this new earthquake. 69 people were also lost and injured, but in the next announcement published hours later, he confirmed that the number of injured in this earthquake that occurred in Malatya province reached 110 people and 32 citizens were rescued after the new earthquake.

This earthquake, which was actually an aftershock and some sources reported a magnitude of 5.6 on the Richter scale, occurred at a depth of 6.96 kilometers at 12:04 PM local time.

Yunus Sezer explained: Some of the injured were taken to the hospital due to physical injuries, and others were transferred to the hospital due to injuries (psychological injury) after the accident.

According to the authorities, this region is experiencing very unusual seismic activity and so far a total of 10,282 aftershocks have occurred in its area.

This earthquake is also one of the aftershocks of the 7.8 Richter earthquake on February 6, which shook 10 provinces in Turkey and parts of Syria, and its aftershocks continued. This devastating accident has so far left more than 50,200 dead in the two countries and displaced nearly two million people.

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