Two agents arrested during the robbery

Aftab news:

Explaining the details of this news, Colonel Muhammad Moazami Godarzi said: Yesterday, the officers of the Haft Shinar Police Station 111 through the Police Emergency Center 110 and public reports discovered that two people had usurped the military titles of one of the government agencies in the country. The vicinity of Al-Mahmoudi intersection were stealing from people in this regard, a team of agents was immediately dispatched to the place and put the matter on their agenda.

Referring to the presence of the officers at the scene of the accident, he said: The officers were present at the scene of the accident and watched the defendants while they were examining the citizen’s motorcycle for the purpose of extortion and arrested them in an operation and took them to the police headquarters. It was also found through police investigations and investigations that these people were not and do not work in any government institution.

Moazami Kodarzi explained that the two defendants, in possession of several forged ID cards, tear spray, wireless, etc., and wearing nothing but uniforms, wandered around the city and tried to rob and extort citizens, and said: These people are subject to interrogation and confessed. their crime.

The head of the Greater Tehran Preventive Police stated that a case has been filed against the accused and said that the accused has been handed over to the Police Investigation for further investigation.

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