Hidden censorship around schools to deal with drug dealers

The General Secretary of the Anti-Narcotics Headquarters said about the procedures of this headquarters to deal with drug dealers around the schools: In this regard, the necessary arrangements have been made with the police since the beginning of the resumption of schools. It must be controlled physically, and the range around schools and neighboring agencies must be controlled imperceptibly.

According to the informants, Sardar Iskandar Momeni held, on the second day of the specialized meeting of deputies, advisors, general managers and secretaries of the Coordinating Council of Drugs in the State’s provinces, under the title “Prevention of Addiction, Public Participation and Employment” today, Tuesday. . (24 Shahrfar) in a group of journalists and on the issue of the age of addiction in the country, he said: The age of addiction refers to the average category of consumers, and according to a recent scientific study, the age of addiction in the country. Country 24 years and a few months.

We sometimes note the low age of drug abuse, but the average age of addiction in the country is 24 years, and he explained: This is the average age of drug addiction in the country that is higher than the global average, because the average age of addiction in the world. 19 years. For years, we’ve been thinking that the average age of addiction in the country will increase.

The Headquarters Secretary for Narcotics Control continued by noting the implementation of the Life Helpers Plan: Priority should be given to the Life Helpers plan developed and implemented in the past two or three years. At some point, teachers are aware of recent issues related to addiction and remind students of its dangers. It is also expected to use the capabilities of parents and teachers, and this is being followed up in the form of a memorandum with Varhangian University until these students receive the necessary training.

Noting that 40,000 schools have been covered by this plan so far, and the number of these schools is expected to reach 80,000 by the end of the new school year, and he said: There is a lesson in the Shad system and it is being produced. . For teachers and parents to use these things, they must know and see the necessary training in drug prevention and pass it on to students.

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