Implementation of the plan to arrest foreign exchange dealers in the capital / arresting 48 unemployed

The head of the Economic Security Police in Greater Tehran announced the arrest of 48 currency market disruptors as part of the implementation of the plan to arrest dealers and vandals of this market system.

According to the informants, Referring to the importance of currency fluctuations and their impact on the overall structure of the economy, Colonel Hedayat Bahrami said: Because enemies and opponents always seek to strike the Islamic Republic and use opportunism and profit in this way. The implementation of the plan to arrest greedy, dealers and vandals in the currency market has also been put on the agenda.

He said: One of the most important tactics of the enemy against Islamic Iran is to stir up hatred among members of society, and in the recent riots the enemy had the opportunity to spread false news and negative propaganda, and by creating an individual and a paper. They tried to stimulate the market and disrupt the currency market.

According to the Economic Security Police Information Center in Greater Tehran, Bahrami said: The Economic Security Police in Greater Tehran were able to complete their operations with the help of intelligence elites in order to neutralize enemy plots. Implementation of the plan to combat filibusters and target suppliers of financial terrorism. From November 21 to 23, the Financial Security Police arrested 48 currency filibusters.

Referring to the record of 32 cases in this area, the head of the financial security police in Greater Tehran said: With the operational procedures of this police, more than 1.6 million currencies worth 235 billion riyals were discovered, and following this plan, the dealing process was carried out. with the case. In recent days, we have witnessed the rise and fall of currency rates.

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