A Scottish woman has been identified with the anti-pain gene

Aftab news:

The Scottish woman is one of only two people known on earth who can safely go about their lives without worrying about pain.

According to Sky News, Scottish woman John Cameron is one of two known human beings on Earth who have a unique gene that allows them to live without any anxiety or fear of physical pain.

According to scientists, this woman has a rare genetic mutation that could raise hopes for the development of improved painkillers to control pain.

Professor James Cox of the London College of Medicine said: The discovery of this genetic origin of Mrs. Cameron was a very surprising moment, and the current results can be considered a starting point for research in this field.

In a study whose results were published in the Journal of Brain Medicine, Cox said: Through studies on this gene, we can gain a better understanding of its biology, and this paves the way for discovering drugs that can have a more positive effect. on long-term patients.

Cameron, 74, is married and lives in Whitebridge with her husband, Jim.

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