The Sports Events Management Workshop was held in Bushehr – Electronic News Agency Iran and World News

According to an online reporter, a professor of sports management at Tarbiyah Madrasah University first introduced the history of sports events in a sports event management workshop and said where the historical roots of sports events go.

Then Rasool Norouzi Syed Hosseini presented the category of sporting events and said: In this section, ten types of sporting events were presented in the form of different examples, and then the skills and characteristics necessary for the successful implementation of a sporting event were presented.

He explained: after that plan not important A sports program in the form of a four-stage model that includes the program not important design and program not important Processes, implementation, and evaluation are described, followed by event-specific aspects such as budgeting not important In Sporting Events, Costs and Revenues of Sporting Events, financial contributions to events are explained.

Noroozi Syed Hosseini added: The important point of this workshop is dealing with legal and legal considerations in sporting events, which he explained in a special way in sporting events.

The Associate Professor in Sports Administration at Tarbiya Madrasa University said: At the end of this workshop, the process of organizing sporting events and the formation of various committees to implement sporting events was explained.

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