The formula for calculating the fees of real estate consultants has been changed

Aftab news:

In the process of reviewing Article 1 of the Land, Housing and Rent Market Regulatory Plan, which was previously sent to the Civil Authority for further review, by approving this article, they determined how to determine the fees of real estate consultants.

Based on this decision, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, in cooperation with the Ministry of Security, prepares the regulations for determining the fees of real estate consultants based on a percentage of the regional value of the property, which, according to Articles 54 and 64 of the Direct Tax Law, the Real Estate Evaluation Authority prepares this booklet every year, according to the average ​​The volume of contracts registered in each geographical area and gradually in descending order, until two months after the approval of the law, it prepares and sends it to the Council of Ministers for approval.

According to note 1 of this article, the approved real estate tariff rate for each transaction is automatically entered into the real estate system and real estate advisors are obligated to receive their commissions and fees based on this amount.

Note 2 of this article also states that if real estate advisors charge a figure higher than the price listed in the Real Estate Transaction Recording System, they are guilty and ordered to return the transaction amount to the parties (buyer and seller) and pay double the amount. Fine to the treasury account.

Note 3 of this article also confirms the arrangement of real estate consultants by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Home Affairs. In Note 4 of this article, the real estate consultants ranking indicators, indicators and related criteria are mentioned.

In Note 4, real estate trading platforms and platforms are also included in these laws, and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development enters the classification status of real estate advisors in the real estate transaction registration system every 3 months. In addition, on the proposal of Wali Allah al-Bayati, representative of the people of Tafarish in Parliament, land transactions, along with housing and construction transactions, were included in the monitoring reports of relevant institutions, including the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, and this proposal was approved by actors.

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