Construction of an emergency water tank in 374 districts of Tehran / acceleration of projects for the installation and operation of tanks

The head of the Health Council of the Islamic Council of Tehran said: In Tehran, 374 neighborhoods are being built emergency water tanks that meet the needs of citizens in times of crisis.

According to the informants, in the presence of members of the Islamic Council of Tehran, Tehran visited the construction and installation of earthquake-resistant emergency water distribution tanks in Tehran in Al-Fattah Park in District 14 of Tehran and its directors.

Referring to the need to manage water resources, reduce rainfall and comprehensive use in Tehran Province, Mehdi Berhadi said: In frequent meetings with the Tehran Water and Sanitation Organization, effective measures have been identified and implemented in 25 districts. The most important of them is planning for the installation and operation of emergency water tanks in Tehran.

He said: After the completion of the Bani Hashem belt road, a major event occurred in the water supply area in Tehran Province.

According to ABFA PR, Mr. Farr. Salehi added the importance of establishing emergency water supply tanks and proper physical development of these tanks: The locating of points was completed in coordination with regional water supply systems and consulting engineers for the project and has been on the agenda for operational operations since then last year. At the beginning of 1401, with 100% physical progress, 12 design tanks were built and 3 tanks were installed at the expected sites in Fateh, Shahid and Gilgitt Park.

Also, according to the Tehran Water and Sewerage Company’s announcement of the construction of 50 emergency water tanks in the region by the District 4 Water Supply Company, this company has drawn up the necessary plans and started its operational operations since early 1401.

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