The governor of Yazd confirmed the issuance of the airport visa at Shahid Sadouqi Airport

According to the Yazd News Agency report, Mehran Fatemi, in the meeting of the Tourism Development Board of Yazd Province, mentioned the transformative health tourism program of Yazd Province to reach 20 thousand foreign health tourists on the horizon. In 1404 he said: Tourism projects must be established. Therefore, the literature and the common resolve of this region and the field of discussion and exchange of views on projects and programs, especially the tourism development plan for the province, must be expanded.

He suggested: The strategic plan for health tourism should be transformed into an operational plan with a specific and guardian schedule, and its objectives and indicators should be closely monitored until the final stage of implementation.

Addressing the issuance of airport visas at Shahid Sadouqi Airport in Yazd, Fatemi said: The decisions taken on regional issues at the meeting are binding and must be dealt with seriously and in a short time.

In another part of his speech, the governor of Yazd referred to the reports made about the “National Event to Present the Technological Needs of Urban Tourism” and said: This event is a discussion meeting on “Technology and Innovation” and “Technology and Innovation”. Tourism “; it is one of the most important means of progress and development of the province.


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