Washington’s anti-Iran action with a demonstration flight of American fighters in the skies of the region

This was done on the basis of the claim of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to the anti-Iranian statement of the Saudi intelligence services, it is said that America carried out aerial demonstrations over the region at an unknown place and time.

According to the region and the global group of Anna News Agency, the Washington Post claimed in a report based on Iran’s threat to Saudi Arabia that the United States sent warplanes stationed in the Persian Gulf towards Iran (in a show).

Despite the US decision to review bilateral relations, the demonstration is said to be a clear example of the importance of the strategic partnership between Washington and Riyadh.

Of course, it is not clear where the American fighters took off, but the United States has several military assets in the region, including the F-22 stationed in Saudi Arabia.

Since last week, the United States has launched a massive campaign based on false allegations by Saudi security agencies that Iran is planning to attack specific locations in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, the Iranian Foreign Ministry responded to such false news and said: Such biased news is carried out by some Western and Zionist circles with the aim of creating a negative atmosphere against the Islamic Republic of Iran and destroying the current positive trend. with the countries of the region

The Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed in this regard that the Islamic Republic of Iran will adopt a policy of good neighborliness with its neighbors and enhance stability on the basis of mutual respect and within the framework of international principles and rules. He knows the security of the region through constructive communication with his neighbors and seeks to achieve this seriously.

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