Fajr welcomed the increased interaction with the University of Oil

According to the news agency; The general objective of this event was to identify, direct, grow, prosper and provide opportunities to benefit from the potential of students and researchers in fields related to the oil industry, in order to solve the problems and challenges facing this industry. The We Canna challenge event started at 20:00 (Monday evening, April 28th) at Sanat Naft University and continued until dawn on Tuesday (April 29th).

Organized by the Ahvaz University Research Center for Oil Industry, this academic industrial event hosted many oil and energy companies in Khuzestan Province, which was welcomed by professors and students of Ahvaz University of Oil Industry and local knowledge-based and creative companies.

The challenge-oriented event included 3 sections of specialized and administrative committees, a research competition was held and a committee was formed to present innovative proposals in relation to the challenges posed. In the field of research competitions, 3 selected groups from each challenge defended their proposed design, and finally, after judging, the winning design was chosen.

It is also in the context of creating a platform for submitting innovative proposals regarding the challenges presented during the event and people can submit proposals individually or in groups. In the end, this part of the offers is also evaluated and the selected people or groups are selected.

In this event, Fajr Al-Khaleej Energy Company is one of the main participants in the two challenges of recycling the carbon dioxide output from its power plants and converting it into value-added products and improving performance or redesigning the process wastewater treatment system from engineering polymers He suggested an industry with high solutes (high dissolved solids) to achieve environmental standards.

These two challenges were welcomed by the participants and 11 knowledge-based companies in the first challenge area and another 5 companies in the second challenge area submitted their proposals for consideration. In addition, the CEO, directors and a number of experts at Fajr Energy Company in the Persian Gulf participated in the specialized and management committees of this event.

Ali Zalkhani, CEO of Fajr Energy in the Persian Gulf, welcomed the event we can do at the challenges and events panel and said, “We must move towards converting our carbon dioxide into a value-added product in the coming years.” . Our production of carbon dioxide will never go to zero so we can use this output in the best possible way by creating processes.

Expressing his satisfaction with the increasing relationship between the oil and energy industry and the University of Petroleum, he also referred to the treatment of industrial waste with high salts (High TDS) and its conversion into irrigation water for green spaces. That the majority of the current production processes in the country, by in-house engineers, are not designed and we only use them as operators. We hope that by modifying or changing these processes by local elites, we will be able to further serve the environment and increase the productivity and work efficiency of our equipment.


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