How did the holy month of Ramadan pass at the Sabzivar Islamic Azad University?

Mohsen Velayati, in an interview with Ana News Agency reporter from Sabzivar, explained the plans of the Islamic Azad University of Sabzivar during the holy month of Ramadan 1401, and stated: In the holy month of Ramadan 1401, the Islamic Azad University of Sabzivar. is a branch. blessed month of Ramadan In the presence of 1443 and professors of the Islamic Education Department, about 50 workshops on the rules of imitation and fasting, and in cooperation with the representative of the Supreme Leader and the university’s prayer headquarters, sessions of translation of Surat Al-Mubarakah were held. handle. Training Holy Quran recitation for staff and students. .

He enumerated the morning and breakfast programs reciting the day of Ashura, like the rest of the programs of the Islamic Azad University, Sabjvar branch, in the blessed month of Ramadan, and he said: “The university’s students mobilized.”

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What groups did SAB Zuwar Azad University submit to the second level event?

Vice President of Sabzivar University of Culture and Student Affairs holds lectures on religious and Quranic topics. educational groups The Department of Food Science and Technology, the Department of Indigenous Sciences and the University’s cultural and scientific advisors were planned and executed.

Provincial attendance at the International Children’s Day Parade, Teacher’s Day Commemoration Ceremony, send experts Amin Extension Clinic for Sisters to study the cultural situation and environmental health and establish preparatory fasting from university schools in the form of various programs from Islamic Azad University during the holy month of Ramadan. 1401 He continued: The fate of the students participating in the programs and programs for the holy month of Ramadan this year created a lot of excitement at Islamic Azad University and Sabyaur Sama School.

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