Isfahan. It hosted the first national tourism event in 1401 in Iran

Informants / Isfahan The special exhibition of tourism, handicrafts and hospitality will be held in Gonbadayi Firouzai, the center of tourism and handicrafts in Iran.

The 12th Isfahan Tourism, Crafts and Hotels Fair will be held from 7-11 October 1401 in Isfahan Exhibition Square, located in the Eastern Ring Road in front of Roshandasht District.

In this period of the tourism exhibition on an area of ​​more than 5600 square meters and in the presence of 31 provinces of the country, 185 companies and associations are active in various sectors including handicrafts, tourism, travel agencies, investment companies in tourism industry, eco-tours, regional municipalities, active hospitals in the city of Isfahan, health tourism and society hotel in this area.

According to the informants, according to the announcement of the 1401 Tourism Week, which the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts called “the development of new ideas in Iranian tourism”, special meetings and round tables will be held at his side. In coordination with this fair and other tourism-related organizations, various programs can be prepared to enrich the awaited fair. Among these events, we can mention the specialized meeting of Iranian food tourism, the first Isfahan Ghazi Festival, the holding of polo matches, the holding of the specialized meeting of health tourism, the meeting of the country’s handicraft export table, and the meeting. Hotel Owners Association Board of Directors.

To visit the exhibition programs, those interested can visit the Isfahan exhibition site from 11 to 20 hours from 16 to 20 October.

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