Serious follow-up of government approvals related to the stock exchange

The Minister of Finance stressed that the government does not give in to market sentiments, and said, “The government’s approvals regarding the stock exchange are being followed up seriously and there is no permission to exit from it.”

According to the economic group of the Anna news agency, Syed Ehsan Khandoji, on the sidelines of the meeting of the Public and Private Sectors Discussion Committee, told reporters: The announcement of the ten-fold package had an impact on the stock market, and the trend of the coming months showed this positively. conditions prevail. But there have been events and policies on the international scene domestically, the sum of which has created a certain degree of uncertainty in the capital market.

Regarding the announcement of the question about changing the government’s policies in the financial market, he said: The announcement of such news raises ambiguity, and based on the meetings held at the financial headquarters, I must announce that today. Government, this is the same framework that was on the government’s agenda in February 1400.

The Minister of Finance stressed that the government’s expectations for production, the economy and the Central Bank will not be affected in this regard, and the Minister of Finance said: The coordinated actions of government financial institutions must be such that doubt is removed. and lack of confidence

Khandoji said: The state of the capital market should be analyzed with all the internal and external variables that affect the entire Iranian economy, and the location of the government’s economic headquarters is focused on its fundamental strengthening.

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