The Kremlin: Putin enjoys the full support of the Russian people

According to Sky News, the Kremlin said in a statement that support for Russian President Vladimir Putin had grown “at an unprecedented rate”. However, some critics question the validity of the polls, saying that they were created for “propaganda purposes” in Russia.

Foreign companies have to pay “rubles” to buy Russian gas

A Kremlin spokesman said countries were expected to pay for Russian gas in rubles and it would not be provided for free if they refused. The only way now is for countries to buy this resource.

The Kremlin says that foreign companies need to understand that the “economic war” against Russia has changed the situation. This means that they have to buy Russian gas and pay for it in rubles. In this way, Moscow seeks to defend itself against sanctions.

Sam Abramovich is not real

The Kremlin described reports that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was poisoned as an “information war”.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Roman Abramovich is not an official member of the Russian delegation to today’s peace talks in Turkey, but he was present.

The outcome of the peace talks with Ukraine will be announced today or tomorrow

“I am a spokesman for Vladimir Putin and I can say that it is clear that the peace talks today (Tuesday) or Wednesday are ‘promising,'” Peskov told reporters.

Russia and the United States need to negotiate

Sooner or later, the Kremlin said Russia and the United States should talk about “security”, but their relationship inevitably deteriorated due to Joe Biden’s “personal insults” to Vladimir Putin.

A Kremlin spokesman said personal insults did not affect relations between the two leaders. Sooner or later we have to talk about “strategic stability and security”.


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