A crucial week for the Bennett government

Referring to the differences between the ruling coalition and the opposition parties, an Arab journalist wrote that the internal crisis of the Zionist regime is approaching a turning point and that a decision on the life of Naftali Bennett’s government will be taken next week. .

According to the informants, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper wrote in this report: Reports of the Zionist regime indicate that Bennett was handed over to Nir Auerbach, a member of the Al-Yamuna party (who is currently the prime minister). And it turned out that the opportunity to form a “government coalition” by next Monday is to “control” and restore it so that the internal crisis of the Israeli government approaches a turning point. Auerbach said next week that he will vote on the law to dissolve the Knesset. Israeli opposition parties led by Benjamin Netanyahu threaten to form a new government to replace Naftali’s government.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that propaganda and psychological warfare continues between the opposition and the government, and even in the coalition government, with the issue of ending the life of the Bennett administration being the only “issue of time.”

In an article on the Zionist website, Naftali Bennett called on Nair Auerbach to support the overthrow of the government and discussed the issue of the final and official separation from the government, scheduled for July 13, following a meeting with US President Joe. Biden. Done, postponed.

On the other hand, the report states: In this regard, the tensions that Netanyahu created against representatives of the right in the ruling coalition escalated. The two delegates, two of whom are Bennett and my Amish names are Chakli and Eid Solomon, split from the party, causing the ruling coalition to lose a majority in the Knesset. In addition, Naftali Bennett now faces another problem: the identity of the person who wants to overthrow the current government, so if the government is toppled by a vote of right-wing representatives led by Bennett, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will automatically take over. Will takes over. Presidential in the upcoming elections

The report also points to Bennett’s problems: Recent reports indicate that Bennett is under pressure from Israeli Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, his senior government, and his allies. An alternative government without elections by expanding the current coalition and forming an alliance with Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu. On the other hand, there are reports from within the Likud party exacerbating the internal turmoil Bennett and eventually accelerating Narin Auerbach’s decision to leave the ruling coalition and support new elections.

The report concluded that “in any case, the life of the current Israeli government is planned for the next week, and it remains to be seen whether this government will fall before Biden’s visit or will continue for a few weeks after Biden’s visit.” Something is happening to Yair Lapid.

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