The lack of optimal soil management damages $55 billion annually

Informants / Hamadan Deputy Director of the Watershed and Soil Protection Department of the State Forestry, Fields and Watershed Department said: Gumbed Hamedan’s watershed has the first rank in the country and has good facilities. The city of Hamedan excels in many areas in the field of natural resources, but in order to achieve its lofty goals, it needs to inject money and credit through senior national and local officials.

On Tuesday, December 24, during a media visit to the Natural Resources Protection Centers in Hamedan, Muhammad Sharafati congratulated him on World Soil Day and emphasized: It is very difficult to bring up the important soil issue in society. It takes 700 years to create one centimeter of soil, which demonstrates the importance of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency’s actions.

He said: We have many interests in the organization to preserve the valuable and fertile soil for the production of agricultural products, and we seek to prevent negative effects and soil destruction and provide the basis for the production of agricultural products.

Lack of proper soil management leads to a loss of $55 billion

Deputy Director of the Watershed Management and Soil Protection Office of the country’s Forestry, Ranges and Watershed Organization said: In developing countries like Iran, average soil erosion is calculated at 15.5 tons per hectare, while in undeveloped countries this amount is per year. within. 30 and 40 tons per hectare. So, with all these explanations, we lose $55 billion annually in the country due to lack of proper soil management. If the condition of the soil improves, our food security will be guaranteed. In addition to these problems, 356 million cubic meters of useful volume are lost to the country’s dams every year.

He affirmed: plowing on the slope is an unwise act that causes soil erosion, erosion and muddying, so it should be avoided, and change of use and indiscriminate grazing are other causes.

Sharafati said in another part: We must follow the watershed management correctly because mechanical, biological and biomechanical measures are put on the agenda every year by various factors.

He continued, “The country’s representative watersheds operate in these places and there are only 12 representative watersheds in the country.” Unfortunately, the national coverage throughout Iran has not been completed in these years, and based on studies, we need more than 32 regions.

Sharafati pointed out: In developed countries, soil protection and control began in the 20th century, and Iran is on average 80 years ahead of watershed control measures in the world.

“By allocating watersheds, we are checking our performance to prevent incidents such as floods, mudslides and landslides,” said Nadi’s Deputy Director of Watershed and Soil Protection Department. The regions of the governorates evaluate their local statistics, so the need of our society today is a report and evaluation that shows the effectiveness of the work of the centers for the protection of natural resources so that we can plan in numbers and figures for the protection of various natural resources.

He said: There are seven monitoring categories in our group, plants and groundwater are examples of them, and we need an average of 50 billion tomans to establish the current basin and representative stations, which is an estimate. On average, in each province, three people work in the Ministry of Defense and one person in the Supervision Department and are responsible for these affairs.

Sharafati said: Hamedan Dome Watershed and Watershed Station is an ideal platform for researchers to search and review their academic articles, and more than 20 research articles and dissertations referring to the best universities abroad have been written in this environment.

He said: Gumbed Hamedan Basin is the first in the country and has good facilities, and two basins are good in many areas in the field of natural resources.

Sharafati said: We have equipped the first and largest monitoring center in the country and the most equipped in the city of Meybod in Yazd province, and several border provinces on the path of fine particles, and Hamedan, which is considered one of the central provinces in the country. Do not get dusty.

In conclusion, he said: “In order to improve jobs and activities and equip facilities, large loans and funds must be pumped from senior officials in the state and the province, and without money we cannot do many things.” “

Lack of proper soil management leads to a loss of $55 billion

In addition, Mohammad Mahdi Artemani, deputy director of the Watershed Department of the General Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Management in Hamedan Province, said: Soil erosion occurs due to soil movement, improper grazing of livestock, and many other conditions. It covers an area of ​​one million and 100 thousand hectares, and he said: about 670 thousand hectares of this area are at a critical level.

He added: The average amount of soil erosion in Hamedan province ranges from eight to 12 tons per hectare annually based on studies, and Kabudarang has more erosion than the rest of the province because its power plant dug 23 water wells and created many craters. he is. Water, soil and natural resources are exposed to many risks.

Artemani continued by saying: With the planned measures, we have the possibility of reducing soil erosion to eight tons per hectare in Hamedan Province, and to do this great work, we need appropriations and budget injections, and this is the first priority. for work.

In response to reporters, he said: The Fifth Development Program has only reached 12.5% ​​of its goals because loans are not pumped. The Sixth Development Plan is the same, only 38% of its targets have been achieved, electronic devices are generally foreign, our labor costs are very high, and we need special attention from senior national and regional officials.

Lack of proper soil management leads to a loss of $55 billion

Deputy Director of the Watershed Department of the General Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Hamedan Province said: One of the positive effects of the activities of the conservation centers is the preservation and development of 54 plant species. A very happy and positive event.

Lack of proper soil management leads to a loss of $55 billion

Lack of proper soil management leads to a loss of $55 billion

According to the informants, the watershed area of ​​Gonbad in Hamedan province is 447 hectares, 35 kilometers from the city of Hamedan, in the city of Hamedan and the village of Qanbad, located near Malayar Road, and is responsible for monitoring watershed management projects. . In this informational tour, the journalists and officials, while visiting different parts of this representative district, monitored and examined other natural resources, including the areas near the village of Siakmar.

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