589 citizens were killed in Nowruz accidents / merciless collisions with drivers causing accidents

Informants / Golestan The head of the country’s road police announced the death of 589 citizens since the beginning of the Nowruz plan and said: 90 percent of drivers adhere to traffic rules.

Sardar Hassan Momeni, on the sidelines of his visit to the Golestan Road Police, announced today, Wednesday, April 9, an increase of 25% in traffic on the country’s roads, and said: During this period, about 342 million traffic was recorded on the roads, which indicates that Our people celebrate the New Year, they begin to rejoice and travel.

He mentioned that, unfortunately, the lack of interest in the front in Nowruz has increased this year, and he explained: Part of the lack of interest in the front is the use of mobile phones while driving, and road users must be very careful and avoid them. using mobile phones

The head of the country’s road police announced the death of 589 citizens due to traffic accidents since the beginning of Nowruz, and stated that more than 12,600 people were injured, and usually about 15% of the injured are disabled and amputated, which is very worrying. .

Momeni noted: Although we have seen a decrease in accidents in recent days, our concern continues because even if one of our dear citizens dies in an accident, it is still a lot.

He pointed out that the accidents in Golestan are due to the lack of respect for the right of way and the inability to control the vehicle: Fortunately, Golestan has seen a decrease in fatal accidents in the past few days.

The head of the country’s road police considered the increase in speeding violations in the past day to be serious compared to the early days of the Nowruz plan, and said: This is why we informed our colleagues from the beginning of the plan and now we are done. Same again that dealt with violations that cause accidents without complacency

According to Momeni: More than 90% of drivers abide by traffic rules but less than 10% cause these injuries and accidents, so the police arrest drivers who commit serious and dangerous violations and deal with violators without tolerance and in accordance with the law.

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