Wreaths of Yazd Mosque and the lucky ladies!

Once we spoke to Asghar Agha, the mosque’s youngest servant, in the mosque’s courtyard. It had a strong Yezidi dialect and determined the height and height of the mosque by emphasizing the word “ah”. After a while, the general condition of the mosque approached us. When they found out, we had Muhammad Agha, son of Imam Sari Saduqi, the Friday imam in Yazd, who is also Ghatami’s niece.

Asghar Agha explained: According to him, the constant encounter with miserable women is our biggest problem at the moment. He said: The towers of this mosque are 57 meters long and 147 degrees. In this area, if a lucky lady climbs these 147 steps on a Friday night and reads 41 nuts alternately along the way and recites Surah Yasin on them, and when the women come across a piece of this special work and poem, they keep it. .

He was glad that it is from Muharram and Safar and the local women do not come to the mosque during these two months to climb the summit of Goldstie.
It was hard for us to believe, but Asghar Agha, who grew up in a mosque as a child and served in the mosque for many years, says our hardest and most time-consuming task is to collect the broken acorns. Tower stairs.

One of the towers of the Great Mosque of Yazd has stairs for back-and-forth movement, and the other tower, built by Mr. Muhammad Kadok after the first summit, has two separate ways of going back and forth.
These indigenous traditions throughout Iran are anecdotes that form an important part of field research in Iranian sociology.

Photographer: Amir Hossein Shaabanian

The lucky men and women of Yazd Mosque!

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