On the day Shahryar refused to “blow up”!

“Shahryar was my refuge, the same refuge whose poetry I was introduced to years ago; I love his poetry and also saw him as a very gentle, very kind, very benevolent person…”

Journalists Plus: March 6 is the birthday of Hooshang Cheer. Had Sayyeh not passed away on August 19, 1401, we would have celebrated his ninety-fifth birthday today. Shahryar, a famous Iranian poet, was one of Al-Sayeh’s closest friends, and Al-Sayeh spoke about the depth of this friendship many times.

But as Shadow says, one day this friendship hurt him and hurt him. The story of this obscurity, which of course did not last, is told in the book “Pir Barniandesh” written by Milad Azimi and Atefeh Tayeh, and we review them together:

Mr! You said last night that Shehryar had a bitter relationship with you, so what was the matter?

The shadow moves a little and says in a low voice: Atefeh Khanum! My friendship with Shahryar was not at the level of friendship. Love is not enough if we say so… Verily, he and I felt that way about me, but now when I look back, I see that I loved him sincerely and without restraint; I loved him without any expectations.

Sadness in his eyes.

Sometimes I saw problems from him that I didn’t expect; Like some of the things he did to me…it was a “thing” anyway.

Shadow tries to find a nice word while showing his true feelings.

Shahryar’s friendship was rather dusty compared to the purity of my friendship with him. What can I say, that day was one of the most difficult days for me.

His language is not expressive enough for definition.

The story is that one day I went to Shehryar’s house and saw him sitting awake. Normally, whenever I go to Shehryar’s house, he’s asleep.

I said hello Shahryar John! I saw that he lowered his head and said nothing. (Imitates Shahryar’s movements) … If his mother had not opened the door, I would have said that his mother died because Shahryar was in mourning like that.

I looked at him in amazement. Well, I was really, really stubborn. Shahryar Sahl, if Khaja Hafez was, I would not prostrate to him. I am the same now. But now I gently refuse, but at that time I was very serious and stubborn … If I say hello to someone, they will not answer … Who wants to be; I would like to let him go (he says these words with a smile). But now I don’t say hello again, I say hello three times. When the corner of Shahryar’s lips moved, it was clear that something was wrong with him…

Anyway, I said hello Shahryar John! I saw him sitting down and lowering his head. I stayed and began to watch the door and the wall (the shadow folds its hands and looks at the door and the wall). After three or four minutes, I looked under his eye and saw the corner of his lips move… This was Shahryar’s symbol; That is, when the corner of his lips trembled, something was clearly wrong.

Then he raised his head once and said to me: Why do you come here every day? (Even years later, the bitterness and heaviness of this Shahryar question could be recognized from the expression on his face and the tone of shadow) If it was anyone other than Shahryar, I would get up, knock on the door, and go. .. I will not go anywhere where someone will tell me why you will come here one day.

I was looking at him in surprise, he was trying to joke with me, but he looked very bitter and I must say he was terrified because it was obvious he wasn’t joking. I was just looking at him in amazement… He started shouting, saying: I am not the owner to make you my manager, not the minister to make you my deputy and from these so-called silly worldly things; I was just amazed that Cheshe Shahyar? He said, he said… I have already told you, going to Shahyar was my refuge. Basically, there were some things I could take and forget about any misfortune; I used to go to Shahryar and I used to play billiards. Sometimes I played billiards for fourteen hours a day and in that game of billiards I forgot about my mother’s death. Forget every failure when I was playing pool, it was as if I had turned; As if my mind and memory were taken from me. I was just a game.

day of refusal

Note now that Shahryar, whom I think is my refuge, is the refuge whose poetry I have known for years, and I love his poetry, and I also saw him as a very gentle person, very gentle, very kind, he treats like that… He said and said and said; I knew what was wrong with me, apparently Shahyar raised his head for a moment and saw that I was crying silently. From those cries (putting his hand to his face) I just felt my face was wet, you don’t know how I felt… Strange devotion; Nobody is absolute, wow wow; A stranger is a lonely person who does not understand at all why he came here and sat here! (His eyes tear up.)

Apparently, Shahryar raised his head and saw that I was crying … Look, there was a mattress in the room, for example, 90 cm wide. The room was also narrow, and next to it was another mattress 90 cm wide. There was also a table a meter wide in front of him, with a lamp, a bowl, a sugar bowl, an ashtray and such things … Shahryar was silent for a moment … I saw how a frog jumps, for example, jumps two meters! How did this mortal man really jump? He jumped off the table and grabbed my knees. I was really shaking all over. Now he kisses my knees and ankles and says forgive me; You know I’m crazy.

A faint smile sits on Shadow’s lips, I guess Shahryar’s sincerity and kindness grace him.

Now I put my hand on Shahryar’s chest and push him back and say hello: Give up Shahryar, go Shahryar – I don’t even come back to say Shahryar John and say Shahryar – apparently once I pushed Shahryar too much and the baby fell off. It’s good now that he didn’t fall on the lamp! Then I saw that Shahryar went to his place and was crying.

Then he came up again and hugged me and kissed me. He would lick my tears (Shadow shows him pushing Shahryar) and say: You know I’m crazy, forgive me. Then he saw that he could not calm me down, so he sat down and took the three-stringed instrument in his hand and began to play the instrument … He shouted, I remember well!

As if a shadow passes through Shahryar’s memory maker… No more sadness and bewilderment in his eyes and voice, everything is happiness and contentment… (shakes his head) You don’t know what my relationship to music is, that’s another discussion; Poetry and everything else slips out of my sight in front of the music.

Shahryar began to play the instrument and I began to sing … a song that hides your voice … “Let us cry like clouds in the spring”; Saadi’s ghazal played the instrument and I sang and then sat quietly (staring at the floor). Shahryar would also sit quietly and only cry and occasionally throw a mild fit.

I sat for a while, and I don’t know how long it lasted; She was short. Anyway, it’s now 4:30 in the afternoon. Well, I would sit until eleven, twelve, one and two after midnight, sometimes more if it was morning. Then I got up and said: Go Shahryar.

Shahryar took a look (shadow of lust in Shahryar’s appearance) and I stood up and walked over too. When Shahryar saw me walking towards the door, he followed me and said, ‘I know you’re leaving and never coming back again…’ I said nothing, and I didn’t even look back at him. When I walked out the door, I just started crying, the cry I want, the garlic cry; The cry of lunatics. (starts to cry) It’s only five in the afternoon, where do I go now? I was at Shahryar’s house until midnight and after that I would go home and sleep. I felt that the city was empty, there was nothing; No place, no time, no existence.

I went and walked the streets like crazy for a few hours. I tried to calm myself, but it failed. While I can quickly master myself in any situation. I came home and slept very late and left the house in the morning. I was planning to be nice to Shahryar, but the city was strange to me… Everywhere was strange.

day of refusal

He says with a sad smile: The city will be closed without you… I don’t know what to do anymore. When I got up in the morning, I knew that I had to spend these few hours until two o’clock in the morning to go to Shahryar. I did not go to his house in the morning because I knew that he was asleep. I couldn’t sit for eight or ten hours until the man woke up. Anyway, that day I wandered around the street until evening. I don’t know what you did. In short, when I came home at night, my aunt said: Mr. Shahryar has come home. Shadow closes his eyes, holds his breath, and continues in panic. Will Shahryar leave the house? If that skinny person walked out, he’d take her with him!

My aunt said: Mr. Shahryar said to tell my shadow that if he does not come tomorrow, I will come and sit here in the street! (Laughs) I went to his house in the morning. Well, my heart was full of it. He lowered his head as if he had committed a sin and was ashamed (raising Shahryar’s voice), after a few moments he said: “Didn’t you come yesterday?” (laughs jach jach) You didn’t come!? hey! I took a look (from my eyes a shadow was a look of shame full of blame) and then he said: I read a poem, and he usually said I read a sonnet. But this time he said very shyly, I recited the poem. For example, it is a way of apologizing. I said: Read Shahriarjan! As soon as I said it, Shehryarjan understood that it was already clear. In Shahryar’s Diwan, there is a poem called “Tears of Mary” that he composed for this event… Please bring Shahryar’s Diwan, it is in the parts section. Shadow smiles and smokes. I asked him, did we talk about this topic again? No, father, because Safai left, he left. Darwish’s story I heard is the same. The shadow refers to Hafez’s poetry: “Every opacity you see is gone like serenity.”

What is the reason for Shahryar’s behavior?

Shahryar was so pessimistic that he thought the Russians and the British had joined hands and wanted to kill him. I said: Shahryar John, Russia and England are fighting each other in the world, and now they tried to kill you, what have you done? Then Shahriyar rightly said on the side and innocence: I say the same thing, what I did, and by God, I do not want to harm anyone. Now I seem to be the representative of Russia and England who is standing up for himself!

Shahryar created the heroes of Stalingrad, and on the other hand, he stood by Iran and the territorial integrity of Iran in Azerbaijani issues and stood against the democratic sect, so could this be the source of his delusion?

I don’t think… He was a pessimistic person, he was very delusional… To me, he must have sat in front of himself and imagined why a shadow comes here every day (impersonating Shahryar), and then returned to his mood. And I overcame it which is something that must have a reason that comes every day

I flip through Shahryar’s Diwan to find a piece of Maryam’s tears…

Now why is it called “Tears of Mary”?

Mary as a symbol of innocence…

I find the poem and give the book to the shadow and tell him to read the poem and accept…

Ducham that doubt as Ahriman died

Huram was like Satan and Peacock the Dragon

It became the cradle of my angel’s nest Devi

The water of blind shame was in the fountain of modesty

What did I say in my month! I don’t know anymore, my heart

Dad, where have you been and where is that beautiful girl?

Deer, my gaze is silent and an eyebrow arches

The wall that extended due to Kain running was a mistake

When the shadow gets here he says angrily: “What did I really do wrong” and begins to cry.

“How selfish a person is…” As if he is arguing with himself: “Why so selfish, now what will happen if I go to his house the next day”!?

I said saba kagai (crying) my soul finally melted

You cannot be our opponent so lazy

Saba came and again entered a state of trance

It was the burning and pitiful uproar in Karbala

Dale said my moon was on Mr. Air

You said love was a tad elusive at school

This verse refers to those days when I had not yet seen Saba and wanted to see him.

My tears are turning blue on fire again, yeah

My tears flowed because of your regret

Oh sadness let’s cry again in the cave

Although happiness was a flower, it was offline and short-lived

Oh sadness let’s cry again in the cave

Although happiness was a flower, it was offline and short-lived

May you burn from the pain of abandonment

I do not want to say that he was insincere

Shahryar’s story is worth playing

On the arch of the throne was Simen in gold

The poem that ends says:

I did well; Explain it simply and closely.

On that day when you did not go to Shehryar’s house, Saba was there…

Yes; Then he said to Saba that I gave such a bouquet of flowers in the water yesterday… Shahryar was worse against music than me, and I always argued with him that Baba should not sing, let’s hear Saba’s instrument… But he was helpless.

He is silent for a few moments.

Mrs. affection! I always think to myself why didn’t I go to Shehryar the same day and bother him… Either I should have stopped going or if I wanted to go, I should have gone the next day. I will not disturb that poor man and I will not wander down the street myself … “

the end of the letter

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