The requirement to enter Iran has become easier

The Deputy Minister of Tourism announced that, according to the recent decision of the National Headquarters for Corona, conditions for foreign tourists to enter Iran will be provided and one of the two Corona certificates will be raised.

According to the informants, Ali Asghar Shalabavian said: “Foreign and Iranian tourists must have a vaccination certificate and a negative corona test before entering abroad.” And he said, “The conditions of entry for foreign tourists, the national headquarters of Corona announces his arrival in Iran as a double vaccination certificate” or “a negative corona test (PCR)”.

And he continued: The decision of the 166th meeting of the National Headquarters for Corona Management, facilitating the entry and exit of passengers by air, land and sea, with the efforts and celebration of the Ministry of Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts for the benefit of Iranian citizens, at least two weeks of one of the two conditions for obtaining a vaccine certificate is the second vaccine or the negative corona test ( PCR), which is approved by the President and notifies the relevant executive bodies of compliance, monitoring and implementation.

He said, “According to the first note, the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education for travelers who are looking for symptoms of the disease, is hiring staff to conduct cross-border PCR and PCR tests to receive the cost of testing from a suspect.” the disease.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts said: “Within the framework of the last two approvals for the national headquarters of Corona, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is cooperating with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.” The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Tourism is working according to the instructions of attendance.

In late March 1400, Corona headquarters announced conditional entry into Iran with one of two vaccine certificates or a negative test. In addition to the full Corona vaccine ticket, they also presented a negative PCR test certificate, which in addition to confusing passengers, sparked protests against uncoordinated access policies, and now Corona headquarters has been modified with new rules.

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