Karimi Firouzjaei: It was found that the dismissal of skilled teachers of the rank is against the law

A member of the Islamic Council Chairman Committee, the Committee to Review and Implement Government Approvals with the Bylaws of the House of Representatives, considered that excluding online teachers from teacher classification regulations is against the law, and accordingly, they will do so. also subject to classification. .

According to the informants, Ali Karimi Firouzai said about the future review of the executive regulations amendments to the Teacher Classification System Law in the Executive Council of the Islamic Council: The executive body for the decisions of the House of Representatives consists of important and experienced members. . People. According to the lawyers, part of the rating regulation is against the law and should be amended.

He said: According to the opinion of the Board of Review and Implementation of Laws and Government Approvals formed in the Islamic Council, “the implementation of the arrangement decision depends on the completion of the appointment. The rules and regulations” that were found to be in violation of the law. It must be corrected by the government. It is amended with the approval of the said council. Therefore, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, the fact that the implementing regulations of the Teacher Classification Act do not include online plan teachers is against the law and should be amended.

This member of Parliament’s Education and Research Committee also said about the process of amending this regulation: Given that this part of the regulation is against the law, the Speaker of the House of Representatives will formally inform the President, the Council of Government. . This system has been modified and revised. To be sent to Parliament for consideration.

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