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Khodrober is a kind of automatic driver that is able to drive the car automatically and move safely on the roads using artificial intelligence technologies and sensors. This technology is used as one of the important technologies for smart and self-driving cars and was developed to reduce accidents and increase road safety. Saipa car assistance is one of these types of cars. a company Save the car We provide services in this field to our valued customers.

Also called mechanical and modern vehicles responsible for transporting vehicles and providing relief. Although many people call it by other names like Saipa car assistance They get acquainted. Today, due to the continuous expansion of communication networks and the increasing use of cars by people, there is a need for equipment that can quickly transport and load cars, trailers or complex objects in the back. This tool is considered one of the most reliable and best tools that can be presented as a means of transporting and moving cars, which reduces their damage during transportation.

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What are the features of the car?

Car carrier and Saipa car assistance One of the new developments in the automotive industry is that by means of advanced AI technologies, sensors, machine vision systems, and complex algorithms, it can drive a car automatically without the need for a driver. Among the features of the car:

Ability to recognize the environment: Using various sensors such as radar, laser, camera and sensors, the vehicle is able to determine the environment around the vehicle and detect obstacles, indicators and traffic signs.

Data processing ability: Khodrobar f Saipa car assistance Using artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques, it has the ability to process data from sensors and other data and make driving decisions based on environmental conditions and road conditions.

Security: Car carriers and Saipa car assistance With advanced safety systems such as anti-collision systems, error detection systems, control systems and support systems, it is designed to reduce the risk of accidents and increase road safety.

Efficiency: Because a car carrier does not need a driver, it has the ability to move continuously and optimally and can move more efficiently than cars with a driver.

Traffic Reduction: Due to the fact that carriers have the ability to communicate with each other and move at the same time, it makes them very convenient and practical in the traffic control process. You can use the Saipa car assistance Easily get rid of road traffic and car crashes.

Benefits of a car carrier

The use of car carriers has many advantages due to the advanced features of artificial intelligence and self-driving technologies, some of which can be mentioned:

Increased road safety: With advanced sensor and diagnostic systems, vehicles move on the road without errors and reduce the number of traffic accidents. also Saipa car assistance It can easily move damaged cars, which reduces the possibility of accidents.

Accidents and Veterans Reduction: By using auto carriers, accidents and veterans resulting from driving errors and driver inattention are reduced.

Lower transportation costs: Truck drivers reduce transportation costs due to fewer accidents and also reduce fuel costs through increased efficiency.

Driver comfort and convenience: With car carriers, drivers no longer need to steer and control the vehicle and can use their time for other activities such as reading a book or studying their work while driving. To receive Saipa car assistance services, it is enough to join Save the car Please contact us.

Reduce time lost in traffic: Through advanced communication systems, carriers share information with each other and optimize the route of vehicles, reducing time lost in traffic and improving driving flow. This is one of the most important advantages Saipa car assistance He is.

Car carrier defects

The use of carriers also has disadvantages, some of which can be mentioned:

High cost of car carriers: Car carriers are expensive and not affordable for most people. Maintenance and repair costs are also high.

Reliance on technology: Car carriers and cars Saipa car assistance They need advanced technologies to function properly. Any failure or error in electronic systems and computer systems can cause serious problems and risks.

NEED FOR OPTIMAL POSITION: Car carriers need perfect positioning for optimal movement. For example, if the road surface is not suitable and the vehicle systems do not work properly, it will cause problems such as traffic jams, increased travel time and even accidents.

Growing Privacy Concerns: Although carriers are smart and data-driven systems, some people may feel anxious about opening up their privacy with this system.

The Need for New Rules and Regulations: As carriers enter the market, new rules and regulations for their use must be developed so that, for example, if a vehicle carrier is involved in an accident, how to determine their criminal and civil liability.

Car carrier price

The cost of carriers depends on their brand, model, and features. At present, some carriers on the market are too expensive and unaffordable for most people due to advanced technology and high research and development costs. For example, carriers of companies like Waymo and Cruise have a high price and are mostly used for testing and research. For this purpose, you can use the service to pay a smaller amount. Saipa car assistance Uses.

However, with the entry of new competitors into the market, the prices of car carriers have been lowered. Cars like the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E are on the market for around $50,000. Also, due to the growth of the automobile industry, there is the ability to increase production and lower production costs for companies, which can help achieve the goal of lower prices for carriers.

The difference between a regular truck floor and a motorized truck floor

Today, there are various types of mechanical and locomotives Saipa car assistance There are different types of tow trucks located all around the city that transport the damaged cars. The difference between these two devices is that mechanical shifters can fully and automatically adjust the angle of the vehicle’s transmission according to vehicle and road conditions as well as the driver’s needs and speed. Production wheels are installed automatically for this. Minez tow trucks are not only safer than hauling damaged cars and have better machinery, they also run at higher speeds and have more features and options than regular tow trucks.

Why do you need a van?

Most of the time, many luxury cars have technical problems and stop moving. By using the car floor in the mechanism, luxury car owners can safely remove faulty cars that are difficult to load and transport. Start the transfer. A repair destination or workshop is required for inspection and troubleshooting. This is one of the most important applications Saipa car assistance He is. Another use of car transporters and tow trucks is to transport new and new cars from the factory to the place of sale. In this case, you can move your vehicles easily and safely. And the probability of damage to the car is almost zero with this method of movement.

What are the types of carriers?

As we said earlier, car and car carriers Saipa car assistance There are different types depending on their application. Each of them has different transportation tasks. In the following, we will introduce the types of these auto transmission machines. And you can choose the suitable type according to your personal needs. It should be noted that the prices of each machine will be different depending on the type of movement and distance.

single carrier

With this car carrier, we will only be able to carry one car. It is used in cases such as accidents and technical infractions. This car carrier is mostly used for long distance and short distance, such as the distance between two cities. One of the advantages of this type of car carrier is the quick loading of the vehicle.

car trailer

Car trailers are used to load several cars at the same time. This item is mostly used to transport luxury cars and cars imported from abroad into the country. As mentioned, this type of vehicle is used for long distances. This type of car trailer is divided into two types, the first type has the ability to move 6 cars at the same time. And the second type can handle 8 cars. Among the main and regular customers of this type of conveyor are car manufacturers and factories. Because it is a smart choice to use this type of car to send several cars to customers who live in a city at the same time.

In this article in Save the car We tried to introduce you to the Saipa tow truck, its types and uses. But our suggestion to you is to choose a quality car company, be sure to get help from a company that specializes in this business. Because this work requires the presence of the best and most experienced manpower in addition to the best equipment.

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