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According to the Internet correspondent, Muhammad Mahdi Esmaili, at a specialized meeting of activists in the field of population across the country, he said that the population debate in our country is not good, he said: “Reports in this field show that the population is cautious.” We are entering a dangerous phase.

And about the duties of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, he said: “Before the legal mission allows us to witness the growth of family values, family values ​​must be strengthened.” We have a lot of unenforceable laws in this area and therefore it is necessary to pay more attention to the implementation of existing laws in this matter rather than legislation.

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance stressed that the main reason for not meeting the demands of the population is cultural issues, and admitted: This is due to the family’s economic problems. fertility No, we’re not saying the cover the West has put on us is that economic efficiency is not important, and cultural preference matters.

“We have a training network for these cases,” he said. fertility Considered; There is a lot going on in this area, but we realize that our actions are not enough and we have to do more.

Ismaili said that the Islamic Republic could overcome its backwardness in the area of ​​population in the ten-year plan, adding: “I do not think that compensating the decrease in population is limited to a 5-year opportunity.” I think this slowdown in population growth can still be offset.

“We have no problem with support and funding,” he said.

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