The north-south corridor will get Golestan out of the economic impasse

Detectives / Golestan Outside the country, said the Deputy Director General of the Planning Office of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, referring to the impact of the North-South Corridor (Inchi-Brun-Gorgan-Shahrud-Tapas) on the country’s food security. economic chaos

Today, Sunday, July 21, Behrouz Rahmani, at the Fifth Meeting of the North-South Corridor, said: Railway planning and joint policies in the field of transportation are always among the priority projects and from the four groups of road, railway, air and sea. . Transportation As the Expediency Council and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution confirm, planning is of great importance.

He considered the reduction of fuel consumption and accidents among the benefits of rail transport, and referred to the Inch Brune railway construction project, Shahrud Tapas, saying: This project connects us with Central Asia and has its own advantages. The new development that has occurred is an important project to help Iran’s food security.

Deputy Director General of the Planning Bureau of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Inchi Brun, stated that the construction of the Shahrud Tapas railway could get Golestan out of the economic crisis, and indicated that it was based on the agreement. Established. Golestan province signs memoranda of understanding for investment with this region. He wraps it up and sends it to us privately, and in return we provide them with the studies of the past 12 years so that they can send us updated and aggregated studies.

Rahmani said: If Golestan province sends updated studies and a memorandum of understanding concluded with the private sector, we will send the plan and budget to the organization for approval, and the government’s opinion is positive for the implementation of this plan.

He referred to the environmental obstacles of the north-south corridor and said: “Environmental problems are important in Golestan and the province’s poverty is hidden under greenery, and attention to environmental problems requires less development in this province.” condition.”

The Deputy Director General of the Planning Office at the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development stated that we did not lose sight of this project and that in recent years various studies were conducted on it but there was no justification for it, and the investors were not willing to do so. Invest in this project.

Al-Rahmani stressed: Today, the Wilayat of Golestan is pursuing the North-South Corridor project, and the private sector has announced its willingness to invest, which is a valuable step.
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