1,730 disabled people are waiting to obtain “nursing rights”

informers / Qom The country’s deputy for social rehabilitation said: Of the 142,000 disabled people waiting to obtain “nursing rights” in the country, 1,730 disabled people are Qomi.

On Sunday, June 7, Fatima Abbasi indicated during her trip to Qom Province, after visiting three autism centers, a care center for the disabled over 14 years old, and a vocational training center for the care of the disabled in Qom Province, the cost of services and low credit to the social welfare organization in the country, we must provide services Necessary for people with disabilities through donors, associations, program organization funds and budget.

Referring to the payment of pensions for the disabled in the country until the end of May, Abbasi said: At present, our priority is to pay “nursing rights” to 142,000 disabled people in the country.

He added: Qom province’s share of this number of 1,730 disabled persons is the payment of nursing fees.

Referring to the visit and discussion with representatives of organizations of persons with disabilities in Qom Province, the country’s deputy for social affairs said: Increasing social welfare support capacity in Qom Province, increasing rehabilitation equipment, and studying family-oriented programs are on the agenda of social welfare rehabilitation in Qom country. Deputy for this county.

Abbasi said, “Soon, 380 wheelchairs will be allocated to the Public Welfare Department of Qom Province from government funds.”

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