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In Iran, the Cheri brand, made in China, is known as MVM and is sold. MVM x22 is also one of the crossovers of this Chinese brand, which has also gained fans in our country.

With the passage of time and use of the vehicle, major parts of the vehicle may become damaged and need to be replaced. Road accidents may also be the reason why you need to replace and repair a car part.

Apart from these damages, it is necessary to take care of the car parts regularly and give them periodic service so as not to cause damage to other parts of the car if damaged.

As a supplier of MVM x22 parts, our team managers intend to introduce this vehicle in this article and then introduce you to the best MVM x22 parts store to buy MVM x22 parts. Stay with us to make a safer choice.

MVM models x22

MVMX has 22 brigades inside Iran; X22 Sport is premium and X22 is luxury. Now there is another class for the MVMX 22 Sport, which is being produced and launched on the market in two models, manual and automatic. One of the main differences between the MVM Sport and Luxury is the installation of a black roof for the Sport model, but overall there are many similarities between the different X22 models; For example, all variants of MVMs have power sunroofs and 16-inch wheels, creating similarities in appearance.

Another difference that can be mentioned between the MVMX 22 Sport and its simple variant is related to the vehicle’s fuel and power consumption; In this way, in its automatic version due to the possibility of changing gears at lower speeds, energy consumption is significantly reduced, which is why the MVMX 22 Sport is said to have lower maintenance costs.

MVM Decoration Accessories X22

Car accessories are a group of small and large items that are used to beautify the different parts of the car as much as possible. Some car friends who seek luxury in the car interior are the same people who go to buy MVMX 22 decorative accessories. Some decorative items such as 3D or 5D floor coverings make the car interior more attractive.

On the other hand, carpeted floors are another decorative element of the MVMX 22, which makes the car’s interior warm, soft and more comfortable than before. Sometimes, in order to prevent dust from accumulating on the gearbox, a gearbox dust collector is used, which, in addition to this property, also gives a special space effect. Deluxe key holders, shift moldings, etc. are other decorative features on the 22 MVMX cars, all of which you can get on different team manager models.

Buy MVM parts x22 From the MVM and Chery specialty store

Nowadays, due to the wide presence of MVM brand in the auto market of our country, the purchase of MVM spare parts may be a bit difficult for buyers, because the variety of products and large production volume have caused importers of spare parts to distribute different kinds of brands of spare parts. , and they do so in different capacities, which sometimes lack the desired quality and are even unusable. The special thing about MVM parts is that most of them are supplied without branding and packaging and do not have a quality guarantee. We try to maintain the trust and confidence of our esteemed buyers in Arian Yadak by providing reliable brands of suitable spare parts and warranties.

MVM spare parts agency in Tehran

MVM, as a local brand, has an official spare parts importer and representative, and even some parts for these cars are produced within the country. But this monopoly and lack of participation in the free market caused the price of official parts of the company to be higher than the price of accessories in the market. On the other hand, due to the import from the official channels by the company and according to the conditions, some parts of limited supply in the main brand are justified, causing a number of car owners of this brand to have to spend a long time (sometimes up to several months) to obtain spare parts from the company. a month) wait.

Purchase of spare parts X22 From the team managers store

Like other items and goods, to purchase MVM X22 parts, you must go to a foreign auto parts exchange. where is she? You can find an auto parts exchange in Tehran in the city center on Cheragh Bargh Street. Of course, going into this market has its own challenges. From the crowded streets to the confusion of the market itself due to the sheer volume of shops and vendors, people usually cannot make the right decision about their first purchase. Therefore, we suggest that before going to the market, you should evaluate the Aryan Yadak website and find out the price and terms of purchase of X22 spare parts.

In order to finally buy spare parts for MVM X22, it is economical for you and you buy the best quality, pay attention to the following important points:

Before anything else, you should consider quality as the main priority of this purchase. Do not heed any suggestion of using poor quality parts, even at a low price.

The next point is to buy spare parts for the MVM X22 itself. You must purchase the parts that were made for this crossover.

Also, at the time of purchase, to ensure quality, you must receive a guarantee and a trial period. Buying without a guarantee will not leave you in any way.

It will be your best buy when you buy from this best seller.

MVM Parts Vendor Team Managers x22

The managers of the team, relying on the experience and knowledge of their experts in the field of purchasing and distributing all kinds of spare parts, assure you, dear customers, that receiving our services means receiving services of the highest quality and the lowest possible cost.

To enjoy services and purchase MVM spare parts, just call the number listed on our website. Our experts are ready to answer you. Also, if you need to know the prices and solve your questions and doubts, you can get help from our experts.

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