What are the most popular digital lock models?

The best brand digital lock What features and capabilities should you have?

Today, we see many types of fake digital locks on the market and in different stores, but if you are familiar with the capabilities and main features of these products and how they work, you can recognize whether the product is genuine or fake. Some of the features of the best digital lock brands, including Samsung locks, are:

Equipped with an intelligent system

The lock must be controllable via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and remote control via mobile phone.

Warning alarm

When the thief intends to break in, open, break, hit, break through and even start a fire, this alarm sounds both in the lock itself and in the phone connected to the lock.

Auto lock

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about your home security anymore because once you close the door, the door will lock automatically.

Access by (password, card and fingerprint)

One of the great features of these products is door opening, password lock, fingerprint and special cards.

fancy job

So that no one will notice your password, with this feature you can first enter the numbers as a demonstration and then enter the master password.


By activating this feature, you can deny access to the building or office from all persons, even the holder of the card, password and fingerprint.

child lock

This feature also prevents children from leaving the house.

Cheap digital lock

Best digital lock brand 1401

The electronic and smart lock is also one of the most popular digital products in the market, and it is the first choice for people to increase security due to its high safety factor. With the advancement of science and technology, these products have entered the market like other digital equipment as well as other security equipment such as CCTV cameras and have gained many fans due to the complete removal of mechanical locks and keys.

Various brands in Iran and the world started designing, manufacturing and supplying smart locks, some of them are old and well-known, some are new and intend to win the trust of customers, some are of high quality and others are of poor quality.

Choosing the best digital lock model in Iran and the global market depends on many things that you should consider, including the brand, country of manufacture, quality, construction material, smart options, and warranty. next to the introduction The best models and brands of digital locks We paid in the new year (2022, 1401).

The best digital lock model of 2022

Samsung is a well-known and reliable brand in various fields, which has been producing smart locks and handles for several years. Every Samsung digital door lock is engineered with utmost effort and precision to provide a living environment with the highest level of security and convenience. Users can access the indoor environment via keypad, fingerprint or RFID access cards.

One of the positive points of the products of this brand is that Samsung locks connect with other Samsung products. One of the drawbacks of this brand is that it produces other products besides digital locks, and Shire does not professionally design locks. If you decide to install electronic locks, the yucca digital lock is one of the best options that has an error-free identification system and all of these products have anti-shock, anti-theft and fire systems and have high security.

Yuka’s digital locks and knobs use card, keypad, and biometric technologies such as fingerprint, iris, and palm recognition. In the work, opening and closing of these locks the latest technology is used, which is error-free and easy to use. Also, the products of this brand have a special and unique design and, in addition to safety, have a special beauty and charm. These locks are installed on all types of normal doors and anti-theft doors, and they also have a one-year warranty and Aria Lock’s unconditional after-sales service.

Miller digital lock (Miller)

The Miller brand smart lock is another product whose body is made of aluminum alloy, which makes the lock body stronger and more resistant. Also, this brand has the ability to remotely open and close the door using the remote control.

Schlage Sense digital lock

This brand is one of the most reliable in the world. To work with this brand, you must have an Apple phone or tablet. These locks have a keypad that you can open the door by inserting the pin, and these locks can also be opened and closed by Siri. Combined with other locks features, these products are an excellent choice for iPhone owners and have high security.

From durable mechanical locks to comprehensive electronic and biometric access control solutions, Schlag provides the ultimate in security and protection. When property and personal safety are at risk, Schlag products step up.

Kwikset digital lock

Kwikset digital locks are among the other brands that are compatible with all types of phones and controlled via Bluetooth and mobile phones. Locks of this brand have a special mobile application that allows you to remotely control entry and exit. In addition to using the smart feature of this lock, you can also open it with a mechanical key. The products of this famous brand are offered to the customers with the assurance of the highest level of safety, quality, technology, durability and design in accordance with the current fashion. Among the features of these products are:

  • with remote control (optional)
  • Save travel time
  • It has an emergency exit system
  • Control via mobile phone with Wi-Fi module
  • Log in with two confirmed users
  • Deactivation in case of repeated unauthorized login attempts
  • Administrators can delete users
  • And…..

August digital lock

August is another proven brand in the production and supply of digital locks and knobs that open the door by simply recognizing you or your mobile phone. These products also have phone software that unlocks the door when your phone is close to the lock, and once your phone is away, the door locks automatically. But one of the most important disadvantages of these locks is that these days they cannot be imported and they may have many fans in other countries and customers are satisfied, but they are not suitable for Iranian doors and the online communication system usually. He has problems.

Yale digital lock

If you are looking for maximum flexibility in the ways of accessing the lock or connecting to different smart systems without restrictions, the Yal Digital Door Lock is the best choice. These locks work with methods of password, card, fingerprint, mobile phone, mechanical key, etc., and have intelligent system and among The best brands of digital locks We are.

Comax digital lock

Another popular brand is the Commax brand, which has touch buttons in a very elegant two-tone design, dark blue and black. These locks are heat resistant up to 62 degrees, shockproof, and fireproof and can be opened in three ways: password, card, and fingerprint. Among the features of these products are:

  • Highly durable construction using metallic raw materials
  • Using a backup power supply (9 volt – pen battery)
  • Auto lock / re-lock / double lock
  • The ability to adjust the volume (the ability to activate silent mode)

V-shaped digital lock

Welock digital lock is one of the famous and good brand, which has a very variety of models and can be opened with card, software, key, fingerprint, password and fingerprint, and can be used at ease. The products of this brand have a double steel tongue lock, a strong and beautiful metal body and are installed on all types of doors. The battery used in this brand is a rechargeable lithium battery. The digital locks manufactured by this brand have tamper alarms and are also produced in video and camera models.

Kadas digital lock

One of the most beautiful and stylish locks is the Kadas brand, made in China, which, in addition to beauty, also has extreme security. Some models of the Kadas brand are licensed in Germany or are produced in this country. The function of these locks is also very diverse and works in different ways such as card, code, fingerprint and mechanical key.

Adak digital lock

Adak smart lock is another proper brand that imports all kinds of locks, knobs and other smart security equipments. Also, this company manufactures and sells its products with high sensitivity and precision by skilled, experienced and experienced forces.

Krang digital lock

Krang electronic lock is one of the active brands in this field, whose products have different functions such as card, fingerprint and password. Among the features of the digital lock of the Krang brand are the high quality of construction and production, the high durability of the materials used in its manufacture, the beautiful design, the anti-theft and intrusion of this lock, the high accuracy, the easy operation, the convenience and the security .. indicated by the high safety. This brand is used and applied in all office, residential and commercial buildings and can be easily found in Iranian markets and has after-sales service and guarantee.

Raven digital lock

Rook is one of the emerging and new brands that have been able to gain traction lately. This brand produces its products in P and H series, P series locks are also equipped with digital eyes and have more features and are more expensive than H series.

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