How to make a hidden handle cabinet

Things you didn’t know about the hidden handle

Single screw cabinet knob and hidden knob, simplicity, beauty and privacy were the factors that gave rise to a new form of design for kitchen equipment. In the past, cabinet handles had a curved bar that opened and closed • Simple appearance and not pretty. As equipment progressed and ideas and opinions changed, a type of handle was created called the hidden handle or the built-in handle. This example of knobs creates a unified and elegant look for the kitchen. Among the advantages of using hidden handles, we can mention the following:

Cabinet design use for a long time.

Prevent potential dangers to you as a result of hitting the handles.

Uniform and beautiful appearance of the cabinet and kitchen decoration.

Types of hidden handles

1_ Magnetic mechanical handle

In this sample handle design, there is a mechanical part and a magnetic part which are placed inside the cabinet. The door opens and closes easily with a single push of a spring placed inside.

2_ Built-in handle on the cabinet door

In the design of this type of handle, no special work is done, only part of the cabinet is inclined, which creates a hidden space through which the door can be easily opened and closed.

3_ Dealing with the hidden profile

This type of hidden knob is used in floor cabinets, it is manufactured using U and L shaped profiles that we can add horizontally or vertically to the cabinet design.

4_ External coil handle

The handles for the exterior are prepared as a separate part and placed on the cabinet. There is a lot of variety in this sample of knobs.

What are the characteristics of hidden cabinet knobs?

1_ These types of knobs are only used in floor cabinets.

2- The latest and most recent examples of cabinets are made with these handles.

3- It is safer for children.

4_ We can equip them with a child lock.

5_ We can equip them with the Aramband system.

6_ Highly resistant springs are used.

7_ The freedom to work is high.

8_ You can easily reach the things inside the closet.

9- We make it in small sizes with high efficiency.

10_ The possibility of installation on all types of cabinet materials.

Disadvantages of using the hidden handle

In addition to the many advantages of hidden knobs as cabinet accessories, there are also some small issues that may force you to pay more attention to setting them up.

1_ Clean the door and handles

In magnetic or mechanical cabinets there is no problem in cleaning handles and doors, but in examples with channels, this vacuum created causes dust to enter and accumulate in this area, and it must be cleaned regularly.

2_ Installation cost

The equipment and fittings used in the installation of this type of handle have a special shape and form, which is why the cost of their installation is higher.

Things you need to know about the hidden handle

  • Convenient opening and closing of the mechanical part of the handle and the cabinet
  • Easy access to the handle
  • Long life
  • Suitable and high performance
  • Being stable and resistant even in large dimensions
  • The ability to stop at the position you want
  • The possibility of installing an electronic system
  • Convenient design without taking up too much space
  • Easier access to space inside the closet

In addition to all the listed items, the most important part is that you should examine different samples and models from the very beginning of installing the mirror handle in the kitchen. Barto Construction has provided you with the possibility to choose products according to your taste as well as visit different samples.

hidden handle price

Due to the variety of these types of handles, many factors affect the price of concealed handles, including:

_ Models and types of cabinet handles

_ Hidden handle type

_Handle Brand and Company: Meloni, Fantoni, Figaro

The cost of installing different types of hidden handles

_ Raw materials for preparing handles

Getting to know Alba’s secret U handle

You may have heard the term cabinet without handles many times. But you should know that there is no cabinet without a handle at all, and this is just a term for cabinets in which hidden branch handles are used. These handles are mounted in such a way that they are not at all visible in the working view. In fact, the correct name for this cabinet model is the hidden handle cabinet. The hidden u knob is one of the most popular and most widely used hidden branch knob, in the following, we will introduce you the technical specification and installation method of the cabinet u knob.

Technical specifications and installation method of the handle u lockers

Alba’s hidden U handle can be called the most popular hidden branch handle. The reason this product is called hidden u-handle is obviously due to the appearance of the handle, which is in the shape of the English letter U (u) when lying on the surface. This U-shaped handle is the best choice for floor cabinets and the installation location between two cabinet doors. After installation, the hidden U handle can be seen as horizontal lines in the working width.

The hidden U handle is produced in various colors. The variety of colors allows the user to choose the color of the cabinet handle according to his taste and the color of his kitchen decor. Colors for this handle include white, black, silver, steel, champagne and pencil tip.

The material of the hidden U handle is aluminum alloy, which is the best material for making the hidden branch handle. Of course, this U-shaped handle is also available in the market with low-quality materials such as waste aluminum, which is no different in appearance from the high-quality type and is offered at a lower price. The best way to distinguish an original, quality handle from a low-quality one is to twist the handle. If the handle returns to its original state after twisting and releasing, it means that the handle is of high quality and made of aluminum alloy; If it loses its original shape after bending, it is made of aluminum waste.

Dimensions of the hidden handle for the U-shaped cabinet and how to install it

The hidden U handle is made in two sizes of 3m and 2.4m and each branch weighs about 900g. As you can see the detailed information of this handle in the picture below, its dimensions are 2.5 x 2.5 x 7 cm.

To install the U-shaped hidden handle, the cross-section of the handle must be cut into the unit body during the construction and assembly phase of the cabinet. Then the handle is fixed to the unit by U-shaped couplings, and by shortening the doors in the part where the handle is installed, a space is created for placing fingers when opening the door.

Of course, installing a cabinet handle is an ideal option for minimal decorations; But if you are one of those people who is sensitive to the formation of hand stains on cabinet doors, we suggest G form Alba Cabinet Handle. To learn more about this semi-hidden branch handle, you can refer to the product page.

Buy Alba U-Handle Cabinet from Barto

The hidden U handle is one of the highest quality concealed branch handles produced by Alba. It can be said with confidence that this Iranian high-quality product is competitive with similar foreign products and is sold by Barto store at a reasonable price and product authenticity is guaranteed. After choosing the cabinet handle color and size, you can make your online purchase on this page. You can also place an order by calling the store numbers and finding out the price of the cabinet handle. Of course, there is also the possibility to visit and buy in person from the Barto shop for personal shoppers.

Types of cabinet knobs

Cabinet knobs are divided into 4 categories by type of installation and appearance. We suggest that you see the types of cabinet handles with reference to the following categories:

  • Single Screw Handle: Single screw handles easily attach to the cabinet by one screw.
  • Built-in handle: Built-in handles have a nice appearance and are installed on the doors; The built-in handle is compatible with all types of drawers, cabinets and cupboards and is produced in different colors.
  • Double Screw Handle: The double page handle or linear handle is the most common cabinet handle, which is produced in various designs and colors.
  • Concealed Cabinet Knob: A hidden cabinet knob or sub-handle, which is among the most modern and unique knobs available on the market.

What is a hidden wardrobe handle?

If you install a hidden handle on the cabinet, it will give your kitchen a more modern atmosphere. Side branch handles are a new generation of cabinet and fittings handles that have 3m and 2.4m long branches; Hidden handle branches are cut to the desired door size and installed vertically or horizontally on the door or cabinet body. These hidden branch knobs are usually applicable to floor cabinets and drawers and allow the door to be opened and closed by creating an empty space between cabinets.

Hidden cabinet knobs or branch knobs, which are often aluminum, are installed behind cabinet doors and drawers to give your kitchen a nice, integrated look. Among the models of the most popular branch handles used for cabinets, we can mention the L and U hidden handles.

Branch knobs are also used as hidden cabinet knobs.

Hidden cabinet knob in different shapes and colors

The hidden cabinet handle is available in different colors in the market and can be matched with any cabinet color. The gold concealed cabinet knob and the champagne color concealed cabinet knob are among our bestselling concealed knob colors.

Top Cabinet Hidden Handle, Fantoni Cabinet Concealed Handle, Floor Cabinet Hidden Handle and Wall Cabinet Concealed Handle are among the most popular types of concealed cabinet handle models.

How much does a hidden cabinet handle cost?

The most important factor affecting the price of a hidden handle for a cabinet is the material of its profile. Cabinet branch handles are produced by different companies, and the quality of each of them differs from the other.

High-quality branch handles are often made of aluminum bars. But some people, in order to lower the price of the handle, produce it from aluminum scrap, which, of course, has lower quality in addition to the low price.

Learn about the most famous brands of hidden cabinet knobs

Leading manufacturers of all kinds of cabinet fittings, simultaneously with the fashion and interior decoration industry, began to produce all kinds of sub- and hidden cabinet handles. Among the companies with the highest quality in the production of handles, Meloni, Fantoni and Alba can be mentioned. Of all the brands, the Fantoni Cabinet Hidden Knob is the best seller in the market.

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