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Do you know what kavasabi is? When should we do the flooring?

You must have heard the term masonry flooring and flooring service by now. But do you know exactly what Alkvasabi is? When should we do the flooring? Below, we’ve summarized everything you need to know about Kefasabi.

In flooring, we grind a very thin layer of floor stone using special flooring machines. If this work is carried out by a professional and experienced floorer, then the stone will be very mirror and shiny. . Of course, it should use the right hardware and the number of child sessions is also important. Flooring in this way, in addition to removing bottoms and elevations from the surface, removes the old, usually damaged top layer and exposes a new layer of stone. that restores stone.

You can eliminate all stone surface problems with flooring. This makes your environment very luxurious and valuable. It brings a unique effect to hallways, shops or residential homes, parking lots and offices.

What is a bronchodilator? in a simple word

Kavsabi means polishing the upper layer of the stone. This makes the stones even and shiny. We can also fill seams, cracks and fractures of stone with resin. Then we’ll sub-pay for all-Italian bites. It means grinding stone with a machine. With this polishing, the stone becomes smoother and shinier. Paving is necessary for any place where the floor is made of stone.

Flooring in Tehran

We said that with the floors the problems and defects of the stone disappear, and the beauty of the environment is multiplied. The washing process becomes much easier and increases the useful life of the floor stone. All these things have made Sabi floor have many fans all over the world. And many want it. So the equipment and materials required today are becoming more and more advanced. We can find the right equipment and materials for almost all stones and environments.

The point is that: due to the specialization of devices and materials, this process must be carried out by masters and in cooperation with the relevant experts. To offer this luxury service the best output for our dear customers.

sabi stone

Now that we understand what sabi is, it is not a bad idea to have information about sabi stone: sabi stone is another common term for sabi. Sabi stone is Sabi flooring that is made only on stone. You may have heard the word kafsabi with different names of sandblasting, sandblasting, etc. They are all related to the same field. Sabi stone can be used on almost all stones that are used as paving stones.

Of course, devices, materials and how often the sabi stone is carried out depends on the type of stone. This is the work of Stone Sap Professional to determine which devices to use for each type of stone and how often to repeat the stone until the desired result is achieved. Therefore, we suggest that you seek help from reputable flooring service centers that specialize in flooring and paving stone. And don’t give up on cheap, low-quality flooring that may damage your type of paving!

On which stones can sabi stone be used?

One of the common questions of users is whether or not the flooring is suitable for the type and material of the floor stone they are looking for. In general, what types of stones are applicable?

Of the most common types of stones that are used for paving the floors of buildings and parking lots, these stones can be called:

Artificial stone, porcelain stone, tartan stone, marble stone, khoi stone, sapphire stone, black stone with golden and white stripes, all kinds of granite, clay stone, cast stone, fancy and precious stones and all kinds of mosaic.

These stones can be paved with professional machines suitable for each. The floor cannot be covered with ceramics. But it can be washed by washing machines. The floors are executed from concrete floors and rubble stone with diamond cuts.

Who is earning? Why should a shoemaker be an expert and an expert?

Another subject of sabi stone and sabi floor is the shroud. It is quite clear that a shoemaker is a person who makes shoes with special equipment, knowledge, skill and experience. Flooring is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of flooring. With so many devices of different qualities and features, and the types of materials available for the job, it is the cobbler who must select the right device and material for the stone. How often the shoes are worn is determined by the master craftsman and shoemaker. Which greatly affects the quality of work. An experienced carpet cleaner should be able to recognize which part of the environment the carpet starts from. If the floors are not arranged correctly, the quality of the output will decrease.

Preparing the terms and conditions for the practice of sabi singing

Now that we understand what Alkfsbi is and realize its necessity. We need to know the basic requirements needed to perform sandblasting and sandblasting in Karaj:

1- We have to take out all the accessories and things from the place to be sanded.

2- It is better to have a three-phase electricity environment. Devices suitable for three-phase electricity are larger. and speed up the process. Buildings and places with elevators have electricity in three phases.

3- Shoveling sand and dirt on the ground. an act . The surface is clean.

Another definition of carpet

As its name suggests, stone grinding means grinding a stone, removing a layer of stone to make it shiny, making it look like a mirror, and removing stone imperfections of a building’s floor. In the flooring process, special devices are used in this field, with which 1 to 4 mm of stone is peeled off to remove particles and pollution on the stone floor, in addition to the gloss of the stone, the surface must be. To be completely smooth and cohesive. The process of paving stone is not limited to one type of flooring, but it can be applied to all materials used in the building floor, including all kinds of stones such as Zabid stone, marble, granite, as well as concrete and other materials

The most important reasons for performing flooring services

1: The floor surface of the building is not smooth and uniform

One of the main times when building floors are required is when the building floor level is out of alignment and becomes elevated. The cause of this problem can be a lack of interest in the construction of new buildings or a slight leveling of the building, which makes it difficult for residents to move and transport equipment.

2: Non-disappearance of block and building materials installed on the building floor stone

Sometimes after installation of mosaic, stone or … cement, mortar, glue or other foreign matter is poured onto the surface of the floor, which cannot be cleaned by simple and ordinary methods. Building.

3- Breaking part of the stone or damaging the floor of the building

This problem is usually caused by heavy objects falling on the surface of the stone, which causes breakage or damage to the materials used in the building floor and creates an unsightly condition of the environment.

Who is called kefsab?

A person who has a high level of knowledge and experience in the field of shoemaking and has a complete mastery of all the special tools and devices for shoemaking, stone and how to use them correctly is called a shoemaker.

What are the characteristics of a good carpet cleaner?

A good carpet cleaner first chooses the most suitable place to start work so that during the carpet process you do not miss any part, and after the work is completed, all irregularities and debris are completely removed.

With timely and strong presence on the project site and with the necessary time management, he can deliver the work to the client at the best quality without wasting time and as quickly as possible.

Pavers must have a good knowledge of all the tools and pieces of stone used for each type of flooring and be able to identify low-quality stones and inform the business owner.

He must also have sufficient information on technical affairs and industrial electricity, depending on the environmental conditions, in the use of single-phase or three-phase electricity to start the devices.

A good paving must pay particular attention to one of the most important principles of paving which is to seal the seams and gaps between the stones and the floor of the building, and must be able to do this in the best way through proper preparation and putty so that there are no holes left

Flooring Benefits

By performing stone paving services, all height and floor height of the entire building will be removed and the surface of the stones will be polished and leveled.

Paving makes the surface of the stone translucent and glossy, which brings a special beauty.

After flooring, all the particles, lines and cracks on the floor stone disappear completely and regain their luster like the first day.

Paving stone increases the durability and useful life of the stone. Because by covering the layers of stones with putty, water intrusion and pollution are prevented and the stone is made resistant.

Paving and paving steps

The most important task in the first stage of paving is to remove the spacing from the floor of the building, at this time paving should start with 36 or 46 coarse stones to remove particles and materials on the ground. The surface of the earth is as smooth and uniform as possible.

The type of material used in the floor of the building has a direct relationship to the implementation of the steps of flooring and paving with stone, which is why this step is so important and accurate.

In the second stage of sandblasting, the sandblaster uses 60 grit to erase or fade the remaining lines from the previous sub-stage.

In the next step, to polish the stone, softer stones such as 120 grinding stones should be used.

It goes without saying that the plastering process should be carried out in the second or third stage to fill all the cracks and crevices between the stones to prevent water penetration and contamination.

In the fourth step, we will repair the lines and scratches that were created after completing the putty process. For this purpose, the pavers first use 220 grit and then use 320, 400 and 600 grit to completely remove defects and smooth the surface of the stone.

Finally, to make the stones transparent and shiny, cinnax (Italian stone bite) is used, which is currently considered one of the most popular stone blocks on the market.

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