Ball valve or ball valve all kinds of industrial and refining valves

Ball valve or globe valve

A globe valve can be inserted as an industrial valve with a linear motion used to stop, adjust and start the flow of fluids. The disc is the part that blocks this valve and can close the flow path or stop the flow path. It should be noted that when this globe valve is opened and closed, its disc moves vertically. With this movement, the space between the seat ring and the disc becomes a ring, which gradually closes as the valve is closed. And provide the valve throw indicator to adjust the required flow. Because of the good angular contact between the seat ring and the disc, the ball valve leakage is less than that of the gate valve, which causes a tighter seal between the disc and the valve seat.

Ball valves can be installed with the disc positioned upstream or downstream of the fluid flow. When the valve disc closes in the direction of flow, its liquid energy helps to seal the valve. This issue is used in cases such as the rapid degassing seen in hydraulic pressure systems. When you close the disc in reverse, its fluid kinetic energy keeps it from closing and of course helps to open the valve.

All kinds of industrial valves

Industrial refining valves

Industrial valves or valves are mechanical equipment to control the flow and pressure of liquids, gases and waste water within pipelines and all types of liquids. Types of valves in the refining industries are divided into different categories according to their mode of operation and mechanism:

Industrial valves are divided into three types based on the type of movement of the diaphragm part: vertical, rotary, and automatic. According to the opening and closing method, industrial valves are divided into three types: manual or wrench, gearbox and automatic.

The material of industrial valves also varies depending on the environment in which they are used and can be made of bronze, cast iron, brass, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and steel.

Types of valves Philo wing

Types of industrial valves class by size:

Industrial Valve Class 150 Industrial Valve Class 300 Industrial Valve Class 600 Industrial Valve Class 900 Industrial Valve Class 1500 Valve Class 2500 Industrial Valve Class 5000 Industrial Valve Class 10000

Types of globe discs and valves

Ball valves are divided into the following models based on disc type:

wing disc or axle

This valve is used to stop and start the flow and can throw the flow and is used in low pressure systems with low temperatures.

Needle disc

The better movement of this disc is due to its better design compared to hybrid or overhead discs. In the needle disc there is a larger set of discs with thick and long sockets for different currents.

ball disc

composite disc

In the design of this disc, a solid, non-metallic ring is used to achieve the best seal.

Types of ball valves based on the body

Angle style globe valve

This valve rotates the direction of rotation by 90 degrees without using additional welding of the tube and rod and causes the disc to open in front of the fluid flow. The most common use of an angle valve is when fluid flow is passed through the valve in a pulsed or cyclic fashion.


There is a problem of pressure drop in Z-type valves, which is why the Y-valve design is a solution to solve this problem. In the Y-type valve, the stem and seat are positioned at an angle of 45 degrees to the axis of the pipe. These valves have a long life and are used in situations where the pressure drop is high.


The Z-shaped portion of this valve is housed in the ball valve body and includes the seat. Due to the horizontal arrangement of the seat, the disc and its stem move perpendicular to the tube axis and cause high pressure loss. Z type valve is used in the part where pressure drop is not important.

Globe valves application

Valve valves are used in systems where flow control and non-leakage are important. High-pressure valves are used to ensure that they are tight and leak-free, otherwise drain valve valves are used. Globe valve is used in services where pressure drop is not important, such as chemicals, foodstuffs, air, oil, etc.

This valve is also used for automatic control. In this configuration, the valve stem is smooth rather than twisted thread, and the valve is opened and closed by lifting the actuator or actuator.

Advantages of ball valves or ball valves

  • It is easily repaired
  • Suitable for frequent and continuous operation
  • The higher fluid flow is properly maintained
  • It is operated by an automatic trigger
  • Better connection and disconnection compared to gate valve
  • Due to its short stroke length, compared to the gate valve, it has a faster performance

All kinds of industrial valves selling strainer valves

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