If the candidate’s score is lower than the previous one, what is the assignment?

Conditions for restoring the GPA in the 1402 National Entrance Examination

the influence educational records It is applied to entrance examination results only for diploma holders from 1984 onwards. Therefore, the national entrance examination candidates who obtained a diploma from this year onwards can restore their GPA, for example, in mathematics and answer the circumference problem. The GPA Reform Scheme is also implemented in the 1402 National Entrance Examination. This scheme is approved by Parliament and candidates who are allowed to participate in the GPA Reform Scheme can take part in three final exams in June, December and September.

Keep in mind that the advisors of the Hiva academic advising system are ready to answer all your questions about restoring the average diploma And pre-university in the national entrance examination For the answer, you can contact the professional advisors of this center using Hiva’s telephone academic advising system. You can also keep up to date with the latest news and changes in the field by subscribing to our Telegram channel and following the Hiva National Entrance Examination Instagram page.

Restore GPA for Azad University Restore GPA for diploma abroad

Candidates must correct their grades in all courses they intend to take and participate in examinations in either June or September. This means that they cannot, for example, experience one cycle in January and another in June.

  • Applicants to participate in final exams must be processed between 30 and 45 days prior to the exams adult schools Go to your area and register for remedial exams.
  • All persons with a score below 20 can participate in the GPA reform scheme, and the opportunity to improve final exam scores is also given to all persons. 1 roadblock will be given.
  • Candidates who obtained the diploma before 1984, They can’t Use average score point fix.
  • Students and volunteers can retrieve scores for all courses in the form last Held and participated and have no restrictions in terms of the number of sessions.
  • volunteers have Old system diploma In addition to the final courses of the third year of high school, they may take course credits in it Pre-university Held in final shape, reform.
  • Among the important conditions for participation in this plan are: Get a diploma Therefore, persons who have not obtained a diploma or have not passed a course of the tenth or eleventh year are not allowed to participate in the final corrective examinations.
  • The scores obtained in the final revision exams will not affect your GPA. These scores are sent to the state’s education evaluation organization and are only effective in applying academic records.
  • It is possible for the candidate to get a score lower than his previous score in the catabolic exam, in which case there is no need to worry, because among the two scores of the candidate is his highest score. Taking into account the it will be.
  • Participation in these exams also includes a fee, as the amount to be paid to participate in each final course exam last year was about 20,000 tomans, which can be changed according to the candidates’ living area.
  • In the restoration final examinations, two categories of questions are designed for the old and new educational system.

Read: According to the problem statement Replacing admissions with academic records in universities is becoming more and more important. Therefore, students and candidates who do not have a good GPA should use this opportunity to improve their GPA. This year, 85% of the capacity of the National and Free Universities was completed through admission, which in itself demonstrates the importance of having an acceptable GPA for further study at the university.

For high school and high school graduates (from 1984 onwards) and holders Pre-university certificate (Allowed from 1991 onwards, unless grades If they don’t do well in their final exams, they can do it themselves. In other words, to participate in the final examinations of their elective courses to improve their grades Cumulative GPA correction Improved and in a better mood National Entrance Examination Involved.

By participating in the plan Cumulative GPA correction The candidate will not suffer any loss because he is in the examination degree repair, a result You didn’t get a higher score and your score will be lower than the first time, thankfully for the rating institution a result considered the highest for you.

Cumulative GPA correction It is only specific and the degrees in it Cumulative GPA correction You make up for it, and your degree is not corrected on your written record, and education during that time Register for the grading exam Will send the new one I got systematically. Also, there is a limit on the number of courses Cumulative GPA correction There is no decision to participate.

to find out the amount The effect of GPA on entrance exam 1402 Candidates are advised to obtain the necessary information by reading the following article on the effect of GPA on the National Entrance Examination.

Cost and time of enrollment to regain a GPA of 1402

Register Cumulative GPA correction It usually starts a month before the final exams. Cumulative GPA correction For example, final exams are held in June, September and January. Also, each person can only enter once Cumulative GPA correction Participation There is no limit in choosing the number of courses in which to participate.

Place of registration for fix GPA or overall grade point average, Public schools are for adults and are available to students after registration. student registration Cumulative GPA correction They must be taken in the district where their final exams were taken. applicants Cumulative GPA correction Keep in mind that to conduct re-examinations for those who have obtained their diplomas, in each course, students will be charged a fee for printing and correcting papers, which was approximately 20,000 tomans per course in the past few years.

Once the registration fee is determined GPA fix for the 1402 national entrance examination Necessary notifications are made in this section.

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