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According to an online reporter, Sardar Hussain Kazee On Friday evening, the commemoration of the 190th Shaheed Bakhshdar of Rahimabad and the commemoration of the December 18 epic at Masjid Sahib. time Al-Shahrashtani said: The establishment of the Martyrs’ Monument is a worthy and necessary measure to review the eight-year epic of saving and sacrificing the people of these borders and the land for future generations.

The martyrs overturned all political equations for America and the world because we exported the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom to the world in our revolution with the epic of eight years of sacred defense, and he said: Our martyrs left their influence in the Islamic world. In Syria, Iraq and other countries, the spirit of martyrdom spreads.

Sardar Kazee He said: We exported our revolution to the world in the war, and today we see the blood of the martyrs in the countries of the region.

Noting that the martyrs are the proud record of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the eight years of the sacred defense, the leader noted that the martyrs brought the country dignity, freedom and independence with their sacrifices.

According to tradition, Hazrat Zahra was the first person to erect a memorial for the martyrs of the Battle of Uhud in the house of Hazrat Hamzah.s) He said: We must follow the biography of Hazrat Zahra.s) Let’s start working and involve these martyrs from the generation of love.

Comrade Martyr Soleimani in the Holy Defense and Resistance Front said, referring to the ambiguity and popularity of Martyr Soleimani in people’s hearts: Martyr Soleimani has become the leader of the heart and his popularity is more than the Islamic Republic and ours. Many similarities. In Iran, because the martyr Soleimani believed in the survival of the martyrs and the martyrs play an important role in life. ash They had

He mentioned that the martyrs are alive and have reached the end of their lives, so he said: They eat before their Lord, and if no one pollutes their eyes and ears with sin, they see the martyrs.

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