vlogs. New phenomenon after blogging!

Until a few years ago, there were different ways of getting to know teens from the outside world. Television, newspapers, etc. But for a long time now, social networks are our everything and are known as the most important means of communication.

Journalists Plus: During this time, you may have seen many users on Instagram and YouTube who are producing video content called “vloggers”. Vlogs whose content is mainly trip details, school bag packing, birthday party details, etc., are often produced by teenagers; But what is a vlog and why exactly is it used?

What is a “vlog” and who is a “vlogger”?

A vlog, also known as a vlog, is created so that users can share their happy and exciting moments with each other. Live broadcasts on Instagram and YouTube are usually a good place to produce and post these videos. A vlogger is actually a person who creates and records video content and publishes it on various platforms. Of course, there are different types of vloggers. Some of them produce technical content while others stand in front of the camera and express what they love.

Vlogs are actually the updated version of the videos that people used to record all their moments using home cameras that became popular in the 80s, with the difference that people these days like to quickly share all their moments with others and they are usually not kept in a personal archive.

Why do teens love vlogs?

A Chinese researcher, realizing the world’s teens’ interest in vlogging, organized research in a high school and interviewed several 16-18-year-olds. He designed 6 simple questions; Do you know what a vlog is or how you usually watch vlogs? The result was that 35% of these teens spend a significant amount of time in their day watching vlogs with entertaining content, and the reason is that this is a great way to pass the time!

Another result of this research was that many teens like to watch vlogs to satisfy their curiosity. They like to know what the rich eat or what kind of entertainment they have? On the other hand, the researcher realized that these teens became addicted to watching vlogs and that vlogs are a drug that gives them pleasure. Even a teenager said that watching the lives of the rich gives him a sense of pleasure and gives him room for imagination.

In this study, viewing of travel vlogs, fashion vlogs, and lifestyle vlogs was most common among adolescents, respectively.

vlogs.  New phenomenon after blogging!

What does vlog addiction do to teens?

You might think to yourself that watching short video blogs of a few minutes does not take much time and is just a fun pastime, but the researchers believe that the consequences of this fast food entertainment should not be ignored; But what are these consequences?

Vlogs are not only addictive to their producers, but by watching vlogs, you will get information that you will quickly forget. In the meantime, you can spend your time on something that has long-term returns. In fact, you won’t learn anything by watching vlogs, and if you spend that time reading books, you will learn and be more productive.

Also, the production and spread of vlogs can become popular in the form of a virus among groups of adolescents in schools and create a competition for visits between them so that the space is extracted from competition and even academic and student engagement to another. Which leads to a serious decline in studying them.

Another point is that constantly watching vlogs does not help in self-knowledge and does not bring about much positive change in a person’s life. Of course, we should not ignore the fact that vlogs make people more familiar with different cultures. Through vlogs, people can understand the culture of different countries and this is one of the goals of vloggers. There seem to be fewer cultural shocks or barriers compared to when there were no vloggers.

When a vlogger daily vlogs and shows his life style and the country he lives in, people from other countries can easily understand the culture of this vlogger’s country. This helps to understand others and understand their morals and spirits.

Presence in an infinite space

Being present and producing content in the social network space without adult supervision can be risky for teens who intend to produce content from their daily lives. They are exposed to any kind of comments and messages, although they may not be ready to hear any messages, criticisms or even comments about themselves. Like getting approval or criticism about their appearance. Hearing rude insults. Encouraging the public to perform an obscene act or behavior and even to form unsafe connections with unspecified audiences.

A vlog of the fears of Iranian teens these days

If you follow Persian Instagram pages more carefully, you will notice that many teens have decided to create a huge audience for themselves by producing daily vlogs, and even their videos can reach hundreds of thousands on Instagram. The interesting thing about these videos is that they do not contain any specific content and most of the content is about daily problems of the students like combing their hair, going to school or a party, and even daily fights and events with their classmates. The interesting point is that the teen blogger tries to dress differently in each video and draw attention to his audience in a new way. Especially one who knows that he can continue to generate income for himself by attracting an audience of the same age.

“Video blog” and create a like-minded community

One of the advantages of vlogging is that once they start producing content, they form a community of like-minded people. These people who are interested in similar topics such as a certain topic come together and support the vlogger. Finally, having that community of like-minded people creates a great atmosphere. These comments help to connect people with each other and also the vlogger evaluates the comments, likes and messages of the audience. So one of the goals of the vlog is to bring together a like-minded community.

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