Why did this picture shake the world?

Masoud Hansar sits somewhere in the ruins of the city and stares into the distance with his cold gaze. He stuck his hand into the concrete crack and grabbed the hand of Ermak, his 15-year-old daughter, who had been left under the rubble. Perhaps he realized that there was nothing he could do anymore…

Journalists Plus: Here is Marash Champion. somewhere in southern Turkey; The magnitude 7.9 earthquake destroyed everything. People are trapped between broken glass, broken concrete structures and broken furniture. According to the Turkish authorities, about 29,000 people died in Turkey and Syria as a result of this earthquake, and a large number of people still hope for the efforts of relief groups.

But among all the disturbing news and images that can be seen and heard from Turkey and Russia these days, the latest photo of “Adem Altan” published by AFP shocked the world.

Adem Altan, who was filming in front of a collapsed building in Kohraman Meras a few days ago, encountered a man dressed in orange and hunched over, sitting motionless next to the rubble, regardless of the winter cold. At a distance of 60 meters, Altan noticed that this man was holding someone’s hand under the rubble, and at that moment he began to photograph a father who did not let go of his dead daughter’s hand under the rubble.

Why did this picture shake the world?

According to Euronews, Mesut Henser, who noticed the presence of the photographer, followed him with his eyes and said to Altan in a trembling, hair-raising voice: “Take a picture of my child!”

Altan said, “I was so touched at that moment. I had tears in my eyes. I kept saying to myself, oh my God, this pain is unbearable. I think this picture will be etched in my memory forever.” Many told me that they will never forget this picture. .

Now this awesome photo of Adam Altan has not been reposted many times by the media all over the world; It was also noticed on social networks and shared hundreds of thousands of times by netizens affected by this tragic incident.

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