The lower classes are unable to pay the national housing premiums

The head of the Mass Builders Association said: The House of Representatives is unable to pay the installments of the National Housing Movement’s plan. National Housing Movement Project. The plan cannot be implemented under the conditions announced by the ministry, and if it continues in this way the plan may fail.

Jamshid Berggar said in an interview with the informants: “We planned for the first to tenth decade and announced that we would give the land to a group of qualified producers who obtained certified professional documents and signed a memorandum of understanding with them.” Act. Urban and suburban design must be adapted by the most capable people.

He stated that fewer perfumers were unable to pay 40 million tomans: at the beginning of the work, the applicant declared that 40 million tomans should be entered, which not many people could do. Thus, the scheme failed. Funding should be provided by institutions, organizations and institutions responsible for low-income groups. Of course, paying interest is not suitable for these groups because they cannot pay the installments.

Bargar likened the national housing movement to getting blindfolded over water, saying: “When we go into the water we don’t see a step forward; in various forms, like government, etc., which is not completed after 15 years.

Head of the Mass Builders Association in reference to the ads The price per square meter is 4.5 million tomans As for the components of the National Housing Movement, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development emphasized: With this trend of increasing prices, setting mandatory rates does not work. We ask friends in the ministry to establish policies and oversight. Agree on a price to do the job. We also asked the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to determine the price and calculate it yourself. People own the house and the builder doesn’t bother.

Regarding the cost of building materials, he said, “In the past year or two, the price of building materials has increased by 50% to 100%.” At present, producers receive 19,000 tomans per kilogram of rebar and 50,000 tomans per bag of cement. Tiles, ceramics, grout, valves, and other building inputs have all seen significant price growth. A 57% wage increase affected the prices of basic goods.

Burger noted: In December last year, I met the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and their deputies at the Mass Builders Association, where we were supposed to present our observations and suggestions on how to implement the national housing movement. Within 10 days but our offer has yet to be answered. I recently spoke with Eng. Ghasemi, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, and we decided to hold a meeting this week.

He said, “After the meeting we had with the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, we had two meetings with Deputy Minister Mahmoud Zadeh, who had to express his opinion on our views.” Their opinion is that we should start construction on the terms they have declared, but we say that it cannot be done with these terms. To strengthen the national housing movement, a range of capabilities is needed to design, invest, implement and deliver housing-related services and evaluate all aspects.

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