Studying transformational approaches to develop the Seventh Development Plan in the Energy Authority

A spokesman for the Energy Authority of the Islamic Council announced the formation of a committee to finalize proposals by representatives of the energy sector to develop the Seventh Development Plan.

Malek Shariati Nesser described, in an interview with reporters, the meeting of the Energy Committee in the House of Representatives today, and said: In today’s meeting, this committee analyzed the unimplemented items in the Sixth Development Plan and reviewed the plans of the Ministries of Oil and Energy. and nuclear. Program VII is developed by Nero Organization with Transitional Approaches. At this meeting, the deputy ministers of planning for oil, energy and atomic energy presented their reports in this regard, and the representatives of the Program and Budget Organization gave explanations to the committee members about pathology. Implementation of the Sixth Plan within its provisions.

He pointed out that suggestions were made for the formulation of the seventh plan, and said: Integration of policies in the field of energy consumption management, structural reform, especially in the field of oil ministry companies, and improvement of financial relations between the oil company and the oil company. Government. Improving financial relations between the gas company and the government, and clarifying the resources and costs of government companies, especially the National Oil Company, were among the suggestions of the deputies.

And the representative of the people of Tehran in Parliament said: Finally, it was decided that a committee consisting of 9 members under my responsibility will collect the proposals of the Energy Authority and Transfer Methods in the next two weeks. We will adjust what happened in the field of energy and previous programs according to the needs of the country for the Seventh Plan so that when the Seventh Plan bill is presented to Parliament, we will study the issues in advance and be able to follow up on energy issues with them. Full preparation in the committee or public forum It is hoped that these methods can offset some of the challenges of current and past laws and regulations, especially in the field of consumption management.

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