11% increase in the participation of participants in the National Examination 1401 Blorestan

Informants / Lorestan The political, security and social deputy of Lorestan province announced that 11% of the participants in the national exam this year compared to last year in the province.

The doctor visited 1,401 exam areas in Lorestan. Bahram Satri Dastanay praised the organizers of this test and said: In these areas social distance was observed between the participants and the test was conducted in order, calmness and respect. perfectly healthy

He said: We will witness the competition of 44,387 people in Lorestan in this year’s entrance exam: The candidates participated in five fields: mathematics, physics, humanities, arts and English language.

Pointing out that 27 thousand 297 female candidates and 17 thousand 900 participants of the total number of participants in this national exam have been announced, said the Political, Security and Social Representative of Lorestan Province: The percentage of women’s participation in this exam has been reported. to be 61%. and 39 percent of men.

Satri Dastanay said: 1898 in mathematics, 21.597 in practical sciences, 13425 in humanities, 3069 in art, 4398 in English.

He noted: In this regard, we have seen an 11% increase in volunteer participation compared to last year. particle for direct body

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