Switzerland is no longer neutral in relation to Moscow


A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Switzerland, by joining Western sanctions against Russia, can no longer claim to be neutral and mediate in the Ukrainian crisis.

According to the Anna global news agency group, Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, in response to a question about the recent statements of the Swiss Foreign Minister about the country’s neutral role in the Ukrainian crisis and Switzerland’s willingness to organize peace talks, said: “Switzerland opposes illegal and unilateral sanctions.” . The West united against Russia. In our opinion, this country is no longer a neutral country.

In this way, he continued, Geneva cannot play the role of mediator, which includes providing a place for negotiations to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.

Earlier, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignacio Cassis announced that his country was ready to hold a meeting at any time with the aim of reaching a peaceful settlement of the Ukraine issue between the concerned parties.

He also claimed that discussions regarding the situation in Ukraine were taking place in Geneva. Without elaborating, Cassis said Geneva was hosting the talks with the “highest level of caution” at lower levels.

Switzerland abandoned its political neutrality after years and supported EU sanctions against Russia. The European Parliament has so far imposed sanctions on 1,300 Russian citizens and officials in this country, and Switzerland has frozen 7.5 billion francs of Russian assets.

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