An investigation of environmental problems and the situation of Dorod industries

According to the Lorestan informant, Ali Salvarvand first met the governor of the city of Dorud. In this meeting, the environmental issues and problems of the city of Dorod were discussed, especially in the field of industry and the natural environment, and the dialogue was emphasized to address the environmental problems of the city as soon as possible.

Visit Droud Cement Factory
The head of the General Administration of Environmental Protection in Lorestan, the deputy head of the public administration and the head of the environment in Dorud city visited Dorud Cement Factory and monitored the environmental situation of this production plant. During this visit, Salorvand was closely informed of the performance of dust collectors and online monitoring systems in monitoring and reducing pollution.

A face-to-face meeting with the people of the Sinai Droud
Ali Salarvand, head of the Environmental Protection Department of Lorestan, al-Jaafari, the mayor, and Payamani, head of the Darod Islamic Council, visited Sinai and spoke to residents. Problems in the life of the population

Drood City Automotive Company website
Consider the inappropriate location of the Dorod municipal vehicle and the necessity of moving this center to a new location in accordance with environmental regulations. In the presence of the head of the General Department of Environmental Protection of Lorestan, Salarvand, the mayor, the head of the city council and the head of the Department of Environmental Protection of the city of Dorud and the relevant experts, a new venue was created to address this issue. Find out and decide. Dorud municipality completes its administrative procedures. Follow up as soon as possible.


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