Poster for the first packaging design event in Caspian has been revealed

According to the Qazvin News Agency; At the unveiling ceremony of the first poster of the packaging design program, which was held at the creative house of Saad Sultana, Qazvin, in the presence of Muhammad Hussain Faizi, General Director of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Qazvin Province, Reza Safari, CEO of Shahrkhai Industrial Company, Afzli. “This potential exists in the province and will be exploited to complement the skills and expertise of Qazvin artists,” said the head of the Samat organization responsible for developing science and technology infrastructure, Reza Qazvin and a group of artists. Unfortunately, most industries in the province do not have specialized knowledge of packaging, in this case, graphic art and design were introduced to improve the skills of artists and create a discussion table by inviting eminent professors. Professional artist, craftsman and product producer.

He said, “The House of Creativity plays an important role in connecting artists with the industry and creating an economic cycle in the province, and we try to help the artists’ economy and livelihood by implementing creative projects.”

This official said regarding support for county artists: Our goal with this new work is to help design artists in the county by helping them not migrate out of the county to make a living and strengthen the economy. Course in binding design in this field to earn money.

Faizi continued: In the first phase of the Packaging Design Department, we are looking to improve the quality and enhance the skills of technical people on a professional level, and we hope to be able to help industrial clients get a correct understanding of graphic art and design. By creating awareness, we can achieve optimal design.

The General Director of Islamic Culture and Guidance in Qazvin Province said: No order has been issued until the works are recognized and sometimes the works are referred to Tehran and local artists are deprived of income, so we are trying to create an edge for dialogue. More communication between artists and craftsmen.

In continuation of this program, which was held in cooperation and partnership with the General Administration of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Industrial Cities Company, Simat Institute, Dar Al Ibdaa and Qazvin Center for Graphic Design, the poster for the first packaging design program was revealed. . In the House of Creativity in the governorate, Saad Al-Sultani Palace.


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