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15th Live Music Festival details announced

In the Policy Committee meeting of the Iran Provincial Music Festival, the members of this Committee discussed the time, venue and main line of the 15th Provincial Music Festival of Iran.

According to the informants, according to the public relations of the concert hall, the meeting of the Policy Committee of the 15th District Music Festival was held in the presence of Mohamed Al-Hiyari Fomini, the hall’s general manager, and Mohamed Ali Marati, the secretary. . In this festival, members of Niti Parishad Ahmad Sadri, Hamid Askari, Mansoura Thabzadeh and members of this delegation investigated the timing and venue of the 15th Live Music Festival.

At the beginning of this meeting, the general manager of the ceremony reviewed the music festival of the regions in recent times and called for quantitative and qualitative improvement of the festival in the post-Corona conditions.

In addition, Muhammad Ali Marati, Secretary of the 15th District Music Festival, pointed out the need to learn lessons from the problems of previous sessions, and suggested adding one day to the festival’s performance and said: We had a group. Restrictions on implementation last year due to the Corona virus. Because people’s lives were our priority. This year, if Corona restrictions are eased, the closing ceremony can be held on another day, taking into account the days of the four-day festival.

Regarding choosing the correct title for the music festival in the regions, Marati also said: We always had a nanny with the title of Cultural Iran and now we can turn it into an icon.

He referred to “cultural Iran”, expressing “the ethnic traditions and musical discourses of the Islamic world” and the council members continued to debate and exchange views.

He also said about the date of the festival: It was our intention to set a fixed schedule for the time of the festival, but this is not possible due to the conditions of the lunar months that change every year. We have studied the last ten days of November and need to talk to the officials in Kerman province to find out the deadline.

On the topics of this period of the festival, the Secretary of the 15th Music Festival of the 15th District said: This festival has wide energies and we want to make this ideological unity in the presence and emergence of this ideological unity by inviting neighboring countries and friends. and brothers. . Diversity of ethnic traditions regardless of political boundaries, musical discourses of the Islamic world, musical classification, musical relationships and mutual influences between different ethnic groups and general aspects of music are among the proposed themes for this period of the music festival.

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