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Learn about the five uses of table lamps!

The importance of buying a table lamp Why should we buy lampshades?

There is no need to buy lampshades as such. But the advantages of a table lamp make any woman of good taste not easily pass them by. Here we list the most important advantages of lampshades.

  • Of all the home accessories, lampshades have many fans due to their beauty and unique look.
  • The lampshades are easy to carry and you can place them anywhere you like in the house.
  • In addition to beauty, lampshades play an important role in home lighting. By placing the lampshade in the living room or bedroom, you create soft, unfocused lighting in the home.
  • These covered lamps are the best choice to place on the table or beside the furniture, which only attracts the attention of distinguished ladies.
  • With the help of a table lamp in the bedroom, you no longer need large lamps and can save electricity.
  • Research shows that the soft light of lampshades has a positive effect on people’s mental health.

5 Learn how to use a table lamp!

  1. Kids room The basic need for a teenager’s room is a table lamp

Among the types of lampshades, it is best to include table lampshades for children’s and teenage rooms in your shopping list. Children and teens need local lights to play and study in the room, in addition to general lighting. For example, having a table lamp at your child’s study table is essential to keeping his or her vision healthy.

  1. Work environment if you aretheIf you do not want the light to disturb your colleagues, buy a lampshade

Sometimes you may need more light to do your job. A light that is only beneficial to you without disturbing others. This is what lampshades can do.

  1. Use a lampshade as a reading lamp

The short base lampshade can be easily placed on the table and gives you a soft light. On the other hand, these lampshades play the role of a table lamp for you and you can use them in different situations by purchasing a lampshade.

  1. Romanticize the space by placing a lampshade in the adult’s room

As we said earlier, based on research, a soft light in a room helps a lot to calm people down and sleep better. On the other hand, you can make your room more romantic and beautiful by placing a small lampshade on the bedside table or next to the dressing table.

  1. Increase the appearance and beauty of your home

In addition to having soft and colorful lights, it gives a special light and look to the room. If you are interested in private and romantic spaces, do not neglect to purchase these lampshades.

Iranian or foreign lampshade which one should we buy?

As you know, Iranian lampshades are cheaper and more appropriate than foreign lampshades. Of course, many Iranian lamp shade brands such as Haman, Darkar and Cheshme Noor have succeeded in gaining your trust by offering high quality products.

Where should the lamp shade be placed in the house? Which lampshade for which part of the house?

  1. Put the table lamp next to the bed

One of the most important uses of table lamps is to place them on the study table or as a bedside table lamp. If you choose a lampshade that matches your bedroom decoration style, it will definitely have a unique beauty and effect.

  1. What do you think of putting a lampshade next to the TV table?

You can use a small lampshade to make your living room decor more beautiful. In such a way that it is placed next to it so that we have an eye-catching combination in this part of the house.

  1. Place them in home decorative shelves

Appropriately sized lampshades can be placed as a luxurious accessory on the decorative shelves in your home. Of course, this model of lampshades is more decorative and uses less light.

  1. Put on the study table

Place a table lamp on your child’s study table to create favorable conditions for reading by adjusting the light intensity. These lampshades prevent direct light from reaching your child’s eyes and prevent eye strain.

Important points when buying a table lamp


Pay attention to the amount of light from the tall chandelier. You can buy lampshades according to their application. If you need a small lampshade for reading, you’d better have more light. Otherwise, it is best to set the light according to the light of the room so that the light is neither too low nor too high.

lampshade price

According to the experts of the Rojano chandelier shop, there are lampshades on the market at different prices. The price of lampshades can be cheap or expensive depending on the materials used in it. Naturally, the more elegant and beautiful the lamp shade, the higher its price. This wide range of lampshade prices allows you to get one of the lampshade models according to your budget.

decoration style

The short base lampshades or other table lampshades, in addition to their practicality, add a more beautiful visual effect to your home, but provided that they match and match the style of your home decoration. Certainly, in classical decoration, it is not only beautiful, but also causes a kind of chaos to the viewer.

Lampshade cover type

If the material of the lampshade cover is not of good quality, it will deteriorate and deteriorate over time due to the heat of the lamp. Therefore, it is better to buy table lamps from reputable stores.

Lampshade size and fit on the table

if the size of the lampshade does not fit the table on which it is placed; It reduces the beauty and effect of the lampshade. We suggest that you choose the size and appearance of the table according to the size of the lampshade so that it will attract the attention of the guests upon arrival.

Shade color of the lampshade

The brighter the shade of the lamp shade, the more light passes through it, making the space feel brighter. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the color of the lampshade and the amount of light you need


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