168 cases of accidents within 24 hours only in Yazd / 4 deaths – Electronic News Agency | Iran and world news

Referring to the start of the first round of Nowruz trips in the country and Yazd province, Hamid Shishbari said in a conversation with an online reporter: In the past 24 hours, 168 accidents occurred in Yazd province, of which 18 accidents were outside the city and 150 were accidents inside the city.

He added: The number of accidents outside the city increased by 125%, and the number of accidents in the city increased by 32%, and unfortunately four people lost their lives in these accidents.

And the Director General of the Technical Office of Yazd Province, referring to the statistics of accidents of injuries and damages, said: 11 cases of injuries and 137 cases of damages, which unfortunately increased by 11% and 29% in urban accidents.

He continued, “In the past day, 21 people were injured, 16 others were injured in accidents within the city, and 5 others were injured in accidents outside the cities.”

Zhishbari announced a 16% increase in traffic at the entrances to the province and said: Due to the approaching peak of Nowruz trips, the average hourly traffic increased by 1% and traffic outside the province also increased by 3%. Passengers need to rest for 15 minutes every hour of driving to have a pleasant journey.

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