4 Amazing Google Secrets Your SEO Tutorials Don’t Tell You

SEO, or SEO, which is short for three words Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most important and highest paying jobs related to online businesses. In short, SEO means optimizing websites for search engines. In other words, you are with SEO You can direct users searching for terms related to your business in search engines to your website.

As mentioned earlier, SEO is one of the most lucrative jobs online today; for this reason Search engine optimization training It is also becoming very popular among online business enthusiasts these days. But there are some points that you usually can’t do in one Search engine optimization course Find out and we’ll give you these cool Google secrets. But let’s talk a little bit about that before that What is seo? Let’s discuss

The principle of search engine optimization SEO training

What is seo?

Search engines, especially Google, have put an important principle on their agenda in order to become popular and remain popular with their users, and that principle is user satisfaction. Now ask yourself, when does a user feel completely satisfied when using a search engine? exactly! When you find an appropriate and comprehensive answer and result for your search query or phrase in the results provided by that search engine.

For this reason, Google has designed and used algorithms to scan website pages and give them points. These reviews are based on many factors and measure the quality of sites from all points of view.

Now, a website that is the best choice for a particular keyword phrase (the terms users are searching for) in Google’s view can get the best placement in Google results for the same phrase.

Since Google usually does not publish detailed information about how its algorithms work, some people try to reveal the secret of the operation of these algorithms through methods such as trial and error, and the result of their research is in the form of Search engine optimization training course They give to other people.

For example, Amir Kamary with more than 10 years of experience in this field SEO siteprovides his audience with very useful information related to SEO on his website at for free.

Also, in Neoseo you can find one of the best options Online course for search engine optimization Prepare in Persian. In addition, if you want to pursue SEO training in English, websites such as,, and can be very good options for you.

Google Tricks for Website SEO

The principle of search engine optimization SEO training

The tricks we intend to introduce are also known as Google search operators, which are not usually covered as they should be in an SEO course.

These tricks are very useful both for users who intend to search on Google and for SEO. The use of Google operators brings users an increase in the speed of reaching the desired results and answers to questions. Also, these operators can help your SEO with things like competitor analysis, internal link building, and many other things.

Introducing the best Google operators

In short, Google search operators are the words and symbols used in your search that make search results more accurate. Below, we will describe some of the most important operators. Note that to use any of these, you must search for the term related to the same operator in the Google search section.

  1. (intilte 🙂 operator put the desired phrase after the colon (:) so that only pages with that phrase in their title (title tag) appear to you. Example:

“Best SEO Course” intitle:

  1. (inurl 🙂 operator if you want a specific expression to exist in the url (address) of the pages, you can use this operator. Example:

Inurl: “SEO”

  1. (Location operator 🙂 This operator is one of the best and most useful search operators, with which you can see the search results related to a particular term in only one website, in this case, Google will display the results related to the website you are searching for. An example will be shown:

The Comprehensive SEO Course website:

Note that to use the above operator, you must first type site: and put the desired website address after: , then type the required keyword. Also, to find more accurate results, you can enclose the key phrase in quotation marks (“target phrase”).

  1. inanchor operator: This operator helps you find pages that contain links with specific anchor text. (The text that contains a link and after clicking on it will be taken to another page called anchor text or anchor text):

Required phrase for anchor text: inanchor

We have provided some of the best Google search operators and you can use them to perform more detailed searches and if you are an expert in SEO then you can get useful information through these operators.

It’s interesting to know that you can use Google operators together, for example, if you only want to see pages with a certain phrase in their title on a particular website, you can do the following:

“The phrase you want to be in the titles of the pages” site: intitle:

In addition to all the things mentioned, SEO can have many tricks and secrets that are not easy to achieve.

If you are also interested in learning SEO tricks and looking for an SEO training course, A comprehensive search engine optimization course Amir Gamsari, who can be reached on the Newseo website at, could be the best option for you. This course can be considered as the best SEO course on the internet. Also, newseo along with Websima is one of the best sources to learn search engine optimization or SEO.

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