529 illegal wells were cut during the year 1400 in Golestan – Electronic News Agency | Iran and world news

According to an Internet reporter, Seyed Mohsen Hosseini told reporters on Wednesday evening: that during the fifteenth century AD, 529 illegal wells were closed with the aim of reviving groundwater resources and balancing them and extracting eight million cubic meters of water from Golestan. Aquifers were avoided.

According to the executive director of Golestan Regional Water Company, 155 illegal wells were blocked during this period.

He said: “Water is one of the most important and scarce resources in the province, and its protection requires serious determination, and the presence of illegal wells and the insufficient extraction of it is a major problem that threatens the interests of aquatic animals and their owners from official wells.” Investing in the financial sector faces major problems.

Hosseini said: “In recent years, the increasing pressure has come on the country’s groundwater resources to provide the water needed by various sectors (agriculture, drinking and health, green spaces, industry and services, etc.) so that water is extracted from wells. It is higher than the renewable energy of reservoirs. Groundwater It is one of the groundwater in the country and the region that has devastating effects such as draining channels and springs and pumping water from deep wells to deep wells.

The CEO of Golestan Regional Water Company emphasized the serious and continuous confrontation with aquaculture, and indicated that “with the onset of rains and drought this year, it is necessary to control the withdrawal of water from official wells.” not reap.

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